greek-hebrew (and English) studies of old testament scripture and application in the new testament. SW US 5/23/15

I am doing Greek subject so I want to read it. A So. Africa 5/22/15

Looking forward to working with the LXX in my studies. RC US 5/20/15

I am a computer science professor and a fan of the LXX. I have some interest in developing software to aid in hypertexting and/or visualizing Scripture. Thanks, WC US 5/19/15

Thanks. :) My intended outcome is to find an interlinear with corresponding Greek Audio so I can follow while listening to the Greek being read... until I can get in the ball park with pronunciation on my own without hearing the words. B US 5/17/15

I neede this text for deeper studies of the Holy Scriptures. AA Brazil 5/14/15

I am writing a response to a technical question, and I wanted to quote from the ABP, but temporarily cannot find my copy on the hard drive. SLA US 5/7/15

I am a former divinity student with 6+ years of serious Greek and Latin study. I continue to read both for leisure and edification. DAG US 5/5/15

I am intrested in studying the 'son of man' phrase in Dan 7 LXX. DW UK 4/28/15

Current Online Seminary student. Your site was recommended in a resource book for Hebrew class. DB US 4/27/15

I have been searching for this edition since my ordination as Apostle. MH US 4/23/15

I purchased two leather bound copies. Now I need to search the greek text for study comparing moses to gospels and epistles :--) thank you. 4/20/15

Was not aware (until now) that you have a 2nd edition. Now in full-time theological studies, so this will be a great help. ADW France 4/13/15

i am interested (endiaferomai) in palai diatheki. CL Australia 4/12/15

My passion has always been to learn from the Septuagint. Now at age 71 I can finally sit down and drink in The Word. Thank you for making this available. WD US 4/11/15

i need the greek bible sa it is going to help me with my studies. MSX So. Africa 4/3/15

I have purchased your Bible, and have used your lexicon. I am trying to do a complete-Bible search of the Greek Strong's number: 2309. JER Sr. US 4/2/15

Thanks the Polyglot looks great and will be a blessing to what I do with teaching. WH Australia 4/1/15

I am looking for a tool for 2 purposes; 1- to find occurrences of Greek words in the Tanach; 2 - to see the underlying Hebrew from Greek in the NT. Dr. CC Canada 3/29/15

seeking anceint texts and other resources. TD USA 3/21/15

i want to see the actual original texts of the Bible for comparison with existing translations, we should agree on what the Bible actually says so we may be one body in Jesus Christ and united with God. LCDM Philippines 3/18/15

I want to know why Jesus quoted from the LXX and not the original. T. South Africa 3/10/15

Intended for personal use and minister to and teach others as well. DG USA 3//5/15

Would like to see when NT writers are using same Greek words and quoting from Septuagint to better understand what they were thinking about! CR UK 2/28/15

I want to know more the meaning of the Words in the Bible. IW Canada 2/26/15

I would like to download the bible. I find it very useful for my personal study. S. India 2/23/15

Soy un lector asiduo de la Palabra de Dios. Me gusta conocer más. Me encanta la etimología. DPH Mexico 2/22/15

I was a theology student in my youth, and, currently, I am a student of the Bible. AT MD PHD USA 2/17/15

i want to read bible. A. Philippines 2/15/15

je seuis pasteur, presentement étudiant à la FATEAC Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire. Y Ivory Coast 2/13/15

This will compliment important research of mine into the Mosaic Law by hopefully providing important confirmation of my findings from various translations of the Masoretic Text… DK USA 2/12/15

I am looking for the LXX in order to preach about Daniel 9:25, using the word Christos. N.G. Brazil 2/7/15

I want to read LXX. KH Canada 2/5/15

Use as reference for Sunday School teaching. W.M. USA 2/4/15

I want to understand better the original meaning of the words... This give me more clarity want the writers meant when speaking or writing. M. Macau 1/31/15

Comparing Greek with Hebrew using LXX. N. Nigeria 1/22/15

Just trying to get as close to the original unadulterated Word as possible... F. England 1/25/15

Looking to see how words are used in the LXX. B.A. USA 1/14/15

I am working on emotion in the Bible, and it is very helpful to have access to the Septuagint for Greek equivalents of the Hebrew terms. Many thanks for making that possible. R.C. UK 1/12/15

Concerned about the agenda to remove the deity of Jesus Christ and paganize the Bible to make it more acceptable to nonbelievers.  Looking to become familiar with texts closer to the original sources that have been translated before the modern higher criticism etc. agenda. L.S. USA 1/7/15

I have been asked about the veracity of English versions other than the King James Version, and why they are needed.  The point of complaint was John 14:1-4, and the word mansions appearing versus the word rooms.  The argument was that rooms takes away from God's glory, as mansions are obviously more glorious than rooms.  I said that if we then must have the absolute best translation we need to go back and learn to read the original Greek and Hebrew languages... the point being that God's Word needs to be in the language of those whom you are trying to reach, or at least in a language that they can comprehend.  So I want to print this passage in both the original Greek autograph and the modern English translation.  Thank you for your diligence in bringing God's wondrous Word to us.  God Bless and keep you. H.B. Canada 1/5/15

I need to know the truth to many deceptions of the truth.thank you. E.W.P. South Africa 12/27/14

Just trying to get as close to the original unadulterated Word as possible... F. England 1/25/15

Several years ago I believe that I downloaded the alpha version and then my computer was stolen from the trunk of my car. I am a slow plodding learner but I do enjoy ah ha moments. I'm 69 years old. Some day I want to work on a Master's degree in Christian Studies. T.B. Canada 12/22/14

Need Sept. for Hebrew vs. English vs. Greek separation of Wonderful Counselor in Isaiah 9:6 is it 'Wonderful Counselor' or 'Wonderful', 'Counselor' two separate words. AL US 12/4/14

I am interested particularly today in Isaiah 53:5, in relation to Mark 5:34, of physical sickness viz. scourging. KS Mexico 7/17/14

To study the scriptures more thoroughly. I know a lot of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament were from the Septuagint, and I would like a better understanding of what the writer intended. I hope this will fit my needs and equip me to be used on other levels in God's Kingdom. E Canada 7/9/14


I want to compare greek words in The Septuagint to same words in New Testament. BD. US 4/8/14

I am a theological student and I need to read for a reference, what lecturer though. JL. India 3/13/14

To further my knowledge, and broaden my understanding. JP. US 11/29/13

I would like to know more about septuagint Bible. what make this Bible different from the rest. TT England 11/1/13

Want to understand God's word more, better and deeper. S. Nigeria 9/15/13

I would like to learn Greek Bible and know exactly what our Lord God says in the Holy Scriptures so I may teach myself and His sheep to walk in His way of life. Thank you! May Lord Jesus bless your efforts. JS. Canada.8/2/13

I want to read the Old Testament as close as is possible to the original writings. Thanks. RL. Canada 7/23/13

Hello. I am studying the Bible in the Ph.D program. I will be taking the Septuagint class this fall. This website is great for my studies. Thank you! K. US 4/28/13

I want to improve my knowledge in the Bible. OKA. Ghana 4/16/13

I do biblical research, and like to inspect the Lxx. D. Canada 4/5/13

I am a bible teacher and student of the word of God. CS. Canada 3/30/13

I would like to use the information for apologetics. K. So Africa 3/24/13

Messianic Studies of Brit HaDasha greek to compare with Tanach. MJG. US 3/13/13

I hope to find this copy of the lexical Greek to English LXX useful in studying our scriptures. Thank you for this resource access. JM. US 2/8/13

I believe understanding how the Greek was used in the Old Testament, will help to better understand the phraseology in the New Testament! M. US 2/2/13

to help by God's grace, others to know the (now) hidden truths of Yahweh,s word thank you. CG. Trinidad & Tobago 2/2/13

I was promted to find out the original Greek Alexandrian text of certain OT passages. One that I am currently puzzling over is Genesis 6:5-7 where the KJV renders '...sons of God...' and in KJV Hebrew the word for sons is ben. But the LXX renders it as 'sons of God' in the main text but has a note that the Alexandrian texts has 'angels of God'. I'd like to take a look at the original LXX text in Greek to see what the Gk. word is. JH. New Zealand 11/13/12

I'd like to hear about Zechariah 13:7, 6-9, really. Is it possible that this is translated all wrong? I say 'O Shepherd' is the subject of 13:7b, not understood 'sword' of 13:7b, among other things. Brown-Driver-Briggs allows the accusative 'et' for that usage (page 85, #853, see #3)rather than 'shepherd' as the usual direct object. RW. US 9/13/12

For me this will be a research companion to my Orthodox Study Bible, which contains an English translation of the Septuagint Old Testament paired with the NKJV New Testament. JCT. US 8/26/12

I want a deeper understanding of God's Word. BI. Philppines 6/19/12

I would like to be more aware of the greek septuagint in itself. G. Canada 6/6/12

I am a PhD candidate at Macquarie University, Sydney. My project is an linguistic analysis of the Greek text of Jude and I desire to read parts of the Jewish writings from both the Old Testamnent and Apocrapha in Greek in order to aid my understanding of Jude. Thank you! AR. Australia 5/30/12

preparation of material for church and inter-church ministries. AB. United Kingdom 5/18/12

I'm interested in doing some research of this nature on my own. GSG. Canada 5/17/12

I need to be able to search the septuagent in greek to find greek words on their original form. DJ. US 5/12/12

I am trying to find out if the word in Malachi 2:16 for 'put away' is the same as the NT in Matthew 19 (apoluo). L. US 5/11/12


To further study the Word of GOD. Rev. S. US 4/7/12

Very useful source material for a book I'm writing. RS. US 2/10/12

I am an exlecturer of The Holy Scripture in a Major Seminary in Indonesia (I have been giving lectures for 26 years). Now I am 72 and have retired as biblical lecturer…GWS. Indonesia 2/8/12

I am Making a Book on Bible. M. Pakistan 1/4/12

In search of a simple and comprehensive interlinear LXX greek-english version. AKS. The Netherlands 12/29/11

Willing to learn in-depth on Bible. B. India 12/27/11

I need the Greek text for my Scripture studying. VNAQ Philippine 12/23/11

I Like to know the oldes scriptures for to have better God will for man/me. LR. Mexico 12/1/11

I am clergy pursuing a doctorate. RS. US 11/28/11

Sir, I wish to use 'Apostle Bible Septuagint' for my personal studies. Dr. HSR India 11/13/11

I hope to learn a bit more with this scriptures. JM. Portugal 3/6/10

am working on a Philippine Dialect-Cebuano. EEP. Philippines 3/5/10

Found you site while researching the use of the word 'mark' of 'signature' in Job 31:35. Found that the LXX uses the word hand and think having an electronic copy of the LXX will be helpful for future studies. Thanks! DS. US 3/5/10

I intend to improve my understanding of the scriptures through this Bible version so I can minister and teach the Word of God more accurately. P. Nigeria 3/5/10

need to find oldest greek new testament long before it was translated into numerous languages. TM. US 3/4/10

need to find oldest known greek new testament long before it was translated into numerous different languages. TM. US 3/4/10

I love your work and appreciate your faithfulness to our Master! Dr. T. US 3/4/10

I only doing this for my personal Word of god understanding and learning more of the bible context. SG. So. Africa 3/4/10

came accross this bible via a message you sent me on my email, i believe this bible will help in my personal growth and the one of the ministry i lead. Thank u verry much. HYE Cameroon 3/3/10

I am the webmaster and an academic at a theological seminary and want to check this out for possible use by students. MG. So Africa 3/2/10


i study theology as a hobby and this book would make a great collection to the ones i already own. i am proud to have one more translation of the bible in my vast collecttion. thank you very much. LV. US 3/1/10

This is a wonderful tool to help with my studies. Thank You!!! Rev. AJ . US 3/1/10

I train leadership around the world in the Concepts of the Kingdom of God. Always looking for the best tools for myself and leaders that I work with. Thank you for putting this together. TLT. US 3/1/10

Thank you so much. I refer to your website almost daily. I am writing a book and plan to send you a contribution when it will be completed. FZ. US 2/28/10

I'm an Orthodox Christian priest in search of on-line tools. Fr.JO. US 2/28/10

Thank you SO MUCH for providing the Apostolic Bible text freely! We need it for our weekly Bible study, in our Church. SG. Romania 2/28/10

Thank you for your work. I will be using this for personal study, for research e-papers on different subjects, and for informal homiletics. JG. US 2/28/10

The text helps me a lot to revise and practice reading greek and hebrew text. i hope to be a good bible teacher in the future. JC. Hong Kong 2/28/10

This is simply incredible to have access to an Interlinear Septuagint. I am very excited to have this to use. I am learning New Testament Greek, and have wondered if anyone has done an Interlinear with the Old Testament. KS. US 2/26/10

I have been teaching myself Greek and would like access to an academic site for reference and easier access. PG. Australia 2/26/10

I am interested in the transliterations as well as translations as I am an amateur theologian with aspirations to become a chaplain in the united states army. I start seminary next year and I know your work will aid in my study as I believe the context of the word of God is very important if not as important as the actual text or Word of God. John and Jesus said it best John 1:1 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.' John 14:6 ''I am the way and the truth and the life.' I feel it is very important to study the original text as closely as we can and not just assume todays translation gets the entire meaning. the way people lived in 2000 b.c. through Jesus is a whole cultural differences not to mention regional, time frame and socialogical differences. I know this will aid in my path to the light and the word of God. The living word, The TRUTH> I appreciate all the hard word by your staff to produce this word for free. MB. US 2/28/10

i want to compare the greek old testament with the hebrew to better understand God's views on different translations of the Bible, as He allowed both to be quoted in the new testament. this can be used to promote unity over divisive issues in the church. JF. US 2/28/10

Thank you for this material it will be of great help to my students. JG. US 2/25/10

Need it for research. VLB. Kenya 2/24/10

I want to study this oldest bible & compare to Catholic and Protestant bibles.. TM. Marshall Islands 2/23/10

There is a desire for myself and my Pastor to be accurate in the interpretation of the Bible. The reason we have this desire is so that the sheep will be fed properly at the Church, as well as the world to which we have been called to write ministry manuals so that the shepherds can feed their sheep. We desire the uncomprised Word of God to be accurately known so that Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, will be known in Truth. Our Father God tells us to 'study to show yourselves approved' and this is the reason we do so. We want no deception in our teaching; therefore, the best translations are sought. Dr.JA. US 2/23/10

Am currently at Bible School and have to constantly do cross reference. Would appreciate help. 2/22/10

Would like to use this as part of a bible study. MW. US 2/22/10

I am hoping to find correlative words in the OT and NT. P. US 2/21/10

I wish to examine, in particular the text, critical if possible, of Proverbs 18 v.9. BB. Australia 2/21/10

je veux connaitre la revelation de DIEU PARMIS les humain. D. SA 2/20/10

Trying to find the Septuagint Greek word for 'towledah' in Gen.2:4 Amplified Bible. RvP. Netherlands 2/20/10

A student of religious studies, i believe that it will help me fulfil my dream of becoming a well informed candidate among my colleagues. MAG. Ghana 2/19/10

I want to have this tool since it is very helpful. It will help me during my study of a text to quickly find the translation without wasting a lot of time. VLB. Kenya 2/17/10

It is a very useful resourse now available for free. I will use it for my greek course at college. Blessings!!!! DC. Peru 2/17/10

I like to study the oldest Bible and it was written.

I want to deepen my knowledge of Bible, Hebrew and Greek. Thanks! PW Italy 2/15/10

There are lots of online New Testament Greek Versions. Either I am doing something wrong in searching for an online Old Testament Greek Version, or there isn't one online. So this download is very important to me in that sometimes the Greek helps me to understand God's 'intended' Word better than just a surface reading of Scripture in English translations. Thank you so much for providing this service. MF. US 2/12/10

I wanted to have a literal translation from the original Greek to English, especially in order to study the Book of John. LM. YS 2/9/10


I am an Adjunct at the Haggard Graduate School of Theology, attached to Azusa Pacific University, and I would especially like to make this available to my students. JTA US 2/9/10

i want to know the scripture. REB. Philippines 2/9/10

working on paper on the book of tobit. MB. US 2/8/10

I want to see how the Septuagint lines up with my KJV as I recently learned that the Septuagint is more in line with the Dead Sea Scrolls than the Masoretic text. DP. US 2/8/10

I need the entire text of the interlineal septuagint to my studies. JC. Puerto Rico 2/4/10

I have a LXX with English translation at the side, but it is often difficult to relate the English phrase to its Greek equivalent, so I searched for a LXX interlinear. JW. United Kingdom 2/4/10

Just what I was looking for and very well done. I will make good use of it in my on going Bible Studies. AEF. US 2/3/10

study for MA degree. VE. France 2/2/10

I was actually looking for a Koine Greek interlinear Bible, but came across your web page. I have found in my studies that after Cyrus Scofield got through with his version of scriptures that it is hard to find the intent of what was originally written, because everybody seems to reference his material. I have even found errors in the Strong's Concordance, but it is still a useful tool. Your Apostolic Bible looks like it would make a great study tool and I look forward to using it. Thanks for all your help in this matter. NF. US 2/1/10

The purpose of this inquiry , is that I seek out proper source material to make available on my facebook site. WD. US 2/1/10

Thanks for to provide this rich tool for my personal researchs. JCB. Brazil 2/1/10

I will be happy to use it fro education purposes only. Thanks and be blessed. A. Kenya 1/31/10

help - i have been given some septuagint pages from the year 1515 and need to translate them. KF. US 1/31/10

It would be lovely if I could get this download because I'm searching a couple of important terms in the greek-english interlineal septuagint. JRM. US 1/31/10

it is very nice bible. S. Pakistan 1/29/10


Thank you for having this resource available on-line. I am doing a word study on the I AM phrases I AM phrases spoken by Jesus and am showing the direct correlation to the I AM of Exodus. M. US 1/26/10

Very interested in become a student of the bible using original manuscripts. JH. US 1/26/10

i need to defend my faith. BP. India 1/24/10

This is all new to me. My first response to this information is a desire to learn the original greek so I can read this material for myself. NS. US 1/24/10


comparing 'I am' Ex. 3:14 to John 8:58. RG. US 1/21/10

I am doing a paper on glossolalia and wanted the LXX text to examine the technical term glossais lalein. Thanks! RG. US 1/21/10

I need a tool in order to improve my studies of greek. I think that this page is invaluable. RA. Panamá 1/20/10

To use as a source for Biblical study purposes. SF. Philippines 1/20/10

I want to read greek language to do a good exegesis. CFOR. Colombia 1/20/10

I have a personal interest in the Bible study. JP. Spain 1/20/10

just want the past and the future truth about life and historic events. L. So Africa 1/20/10

I'm preacher from Chinese Church,now is studing bible in seminary. JY. China 1/17/10

i have the septuagint for the old testament and need to study a topic in the new now. S. Canada 1/16/10

Greetings! I am a Bible translator in the Caribbean. Thank you for making an interlinear version of the Septuagint available. It has been long overdue. Many thanks to those who have made such an effort available to the public. EbY. Puerto Rico 1/16/10

I am a bible student, and I'm interested in study the original languages and historical datas of the biblical text construction. CL. Brazil 1/16/10

Thanks for the resource. I read some of the introduction, and this seems like a well-research resource. Thanks!

I desperately need this bible. I don't trust the so called hebrew text used in all the bibles out there. God gave the New Testament in Greek, Jesus spoke Greek (Rev.1:8) and I've done enough research to know that the Old Testament is quoated in greek by Jesus himself. Thank you, OF. US 1/12/10

This Book can help me a lot in seeking the LORD JESUS CHRIST. B. Philippines 1/11/10

i wish this could help understand more the holy bible. JD. Philippinnes 1/11/10

I love this website, and all of my students use the interlinear as a supplementary text. MM. US 1/10/10

I am an english student studying at a french University and its been difficult to get english material and my hope is that this english greek ible is going to be a plus to my studies. MM. US 1/10/10

I am excited to see the bible, I am a seminary student and this could be very helpful. Thank You. A. US. 1/10/10

I need greek -english Isaiah 29 for sharing as a visitor to adult Sunday School class at St. Paul's U. Methodist Church. Traveling I do not have access to home materials, on the other hand most everything I owned was stolen while I was blessed to help other young Christians in trouble in travel & take up the cross of Lord Jesus. Thanks & Praise the Lord. Truly. AK. US 1/9/10

I am a retired disabled clergyman and love to study God`s Word, both for personal enlightenment and to better equip me to comment and answer questions pertaining to it in small home and family groups as well as in class directed discussions where I am a auditor at church and synagogues. GAD. US 1/8/10

I need to look at the Septuagint of Joel 2 vs 28-32 for a study of Acts 2. SS. UK 1/7/10

I want to help some university students become familiar with septuagint. I work as a chaplain. RO. Canada 1/6/10

Specifically interested in studies of 'old testament' writings. JPR. US 1/5/10

I just want to know more about the Greek Bible. JOS. Nigeria 1/4/10

I purchased your standard edition (the only one available) several years ago and it has become quite worn. I very much want to purchase your leather bound, but will have to wait awhile. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in making the VXX available to us. SF. US 12/31/09

It is a very good resource. It will help me in my Bible study. I praise God for the ministry. JV India 12/29/09

I have been doing comparitive analysis between the different words used in various Greek words of the New Testament, and wanted to do so as well with the Old Testament (In Greek). Hopefully I will be able to load your data into an Excel file, or a SQL Database, and thus be able to search, organize, ... data, ... between all of the Greek Scriptures. MA. US 12/27/09

I am a serious student of the Scriptures, especially in the original languages. RB 12/24/09 is a fantastic resource. Really - I've had fantasies of such a resource. Many thanks! FrDJ. United Kingdom 12/24/09

While comparing a few English translations with the Clementine Vulgate I have seen some differences. I want to check what the Greek says - Your presentaion of English with Greek will help me learn Greek. - Thank you. FB. Canada 12/21/09

I want to learn ancient Greek and Hebrew.Thank you. I. Romania 12/22/09

hi every one, iam a coptic(egyptian orthodox christian) , iam searching in the field of the bible translations, i read,listen,write,understand well,and speak fluently the coptic language, iam studying the hebrew and old greek languages, iam happy to find an electronic copy sice i can't get it written. YW. Egypt 12/20/09

I would like to check the quotations made in the Greek Scriptures from the Hebrew text, in the understanding that the writers of the Greek Scriptures used mainly the Septuagint version, and even Jesus, when reading aloud Isaiah 61 was probably reading from the Septuagint. Many thanks! IB. United Kingdom 12/20/09

I have been in the ministry for 65 years and in my studies in college, seminary, and as a pastor have read many references to the LXX. The most interesting of these has been the use of a Greek word in the LXX. These have enlightened and helped me. Now for the first time in my life I have stumbled upon your website and have seen images and text of the Septuagint. I am grateful to those who have done so much to make this experience and knowledge accessible to footsoldiers like me. RWL. US 12/19/09

I am really interest in hebrew & greek bible study, thanks for your generous. PP. Indonesia 12/18/09

i am a young pastor in the northern part of ghana with limited access to materials for proper study of the Word so as i can be of help to myself and then to my congregation.therefore i need this material and many more that help me to divide the Word of Truth correctly.thanks. MBD. Ghana 12/18/09

Vai ser muitíssimo para meus estudos que Deus os Abençoe. S. Brasil 12/15/09

I have a student wants to study 1 & 2 Sam while studying Greek. MK. US 12/15/09

I love Greek, so I like to read Bible in Greek! E. Italy 12/14/09

It is very necessary to my studies and speccially to see how another translators of the Greek Bible work. RJZ. Spain 12/14/09

I want to learn more about the Bible. JA. India 12/11/09

I need to refer to the original for my studies and having it on the computer is better than looking it up in a book. OA. US 12/8/09

i am extremely for finding this will benefit me alot. LS. Guyana 12/5/09

Thank you for this aid in helping me to expound the word of God. I am grateful for this kind of contribution to the servants of God. KN Malaysia 12/5/09

I appreciate the fact that you make this wonderful tool available for personal study and enrichment. May God's richest blessing continue to be with you. I look forward to purchasing a copy for pulpit use in the very near future. LS. US 12/4/09

I need to refer to the original for my studies and having it on the computer is better than looking it up in a book. OA. US 12/8/09 LD 12/3/09

Using for language help. SH. US 12/3/09

I am doing a word study on baptizo. LD. US 12/3/09

My hisband uses this... thanks. J. Mexico 11/30/09

…the information you provide is very good. LCSM. Brazil 11/30/09

As a graduate Theology student, I am studying Koine Greek and would be most grateful for an electronic copy of this Bible. DT. Canada 11/30/09

I am preparing a course in Basic Biblical Greek for Logos Christian College in Jacksonville, FL. GM. US 11/29/09

I’m developing a Bible study website to be used by study groups and want to provide effective research materials combined with the ability of the group and team leader to maintain their own materials. TB. US 11/29/09

EXCELENT IL. Sweden 11/28/09

Je vous félicite pour ce matériel académique. AA. Cameroun 11/28/09

Thanks a lot for the Septuagint translation of the Bible. It is truly a help for my studies. God bless you. RB. US 11/27/09

to know Gods word better. BP. US 11/27/09

Interested in the history of the scriptures and the oldest available manuscripts. CR. US 11/25/09

I am a great supporter of the Septuagint and I know that it was the Bible of our spiritual forefathers. I will be privileged to use it. Thanks alot. LC. So Africa 11/24/09

I study and I teach the greek of the Old and New Testament. LAE.. Colombia 11/22/19

I teach greek in the Bible. LAE. Colombia 11/22/09

i do deep study for ministry i am a ordained apostle do church and prophecy i am starting my own church directed by christ my Lord. Ap JH. US 11/22/09

Thanks, this is awesome. JR. US 11/19/09

the greek looks very clear and the strong's numbers are useful. DB. UK 11/18/09

I want to use it for comparing verses between the New and Old Testaments. EP. US 11/18/09

I am looking to see how the Greek New Testament words are used in the Old Testament enabling me to compare verses better. Thank you for this opportunity. EP. US 11/18/09

I am a retired ordained minister of the independent Christian Church and was a licensed clergy with the Disciple's of Christ denomination. I still have a large reference library, but what to always keep up to date with on-line information. Thank you for the download. TM. US 11/17/09

I am a University student who is more interested on spiritual matters and trying to know the Word of God more and better. I found it very useful to compare to the Greek manuscripts as they are the original languages to the New Tesatament and also the First translations from The Hebrew in the Old Testament. Thank you for your service.May God bless you! AK. Ethiopia 11//16/09

i like your interlinear translation, i like how you number the words, so that a person could read could read the sentences in the correct order. The other reason that i like the translation is that when you read the translation it sounds so intelligent and i also like that you are transparent on who contributed to the translation of the Septuagint. Y. US 11/16/09

I am excited to read this wonderful text. I can only say that it will be a great aid to my study and will benefit the ministry to my congregation. I thank God that He has placed it in your hearts to provide this text to the public online. TT. US 11/15/09

Hi! I am currently considering undertaking studies in NT greek, I don't know much about the project you call 'The Apostolic Bible' but I would love to download the text for free and have a look! PK. Norway 11/12/09

I'm hoping to do detailed studies for the purposes of preaching more effectively. Ap. MPB Nigeria 11/12/09

I want to get back into understanding the Sciptures in their original language. IW. Australia 11/10/09

I teach theology at an American university. The Septuagint is important to understanding especially the later developments in the Hebrew tradition and its development through the Jesus movement. MR. US 11/10/09

I purchased a hardback copy of your translation, and it has been very helpful in my studies. Please keep up the good work! KE. US 11/2/09

I want to be a teacher of the Word of God. Please help me to understand the scriptures by granting me the permission to download all important bible softwares that could help me in my studies. AD Ghana 11/2/09

I help with my studies,in our parrish ,during during discussion and studies of the Holy Bible. IM. France 11/2/09

Your work is Blessed by IHWH. JOQ. Mexico 11/1/09

In the process of researching Religion and would like to use the greek version to verify various translations of the bible. PM-S. US 10/30/09

I would like to teach New Testament Greek in a church class and am looking for a good text to teach from. Also, looking for a good greek New Testament for personal use. CE. US 10/29/09

beautiful! QV. Italy 10/28/09

Thanks for your work ! TJ-P. Switzerland 10/28/09

Your web-site has been a great help to me in my personal studies, especially the English translation of the Septuagint. DBA. Israel 10/25/09

It will e useful for my Bible studies. GA. India 10/24/09

I would like to study and learn the bible as close to the original gospels as possible. DG Canada 10/22/09

I am learning the greek language and since I am familiar with OLD TESTAMENT this parallel text seems to me an excellent aid. IA. Israel 10/21/09

Needed to look up a few terms in Malachi 4:2. BE. US 10/20/09

I look forward to exploring your work here for seminary study Greek and for use in studying for messages as a part of our ministry. Thank you. Rev.PG. US 10/18/09

Just using for personal study. TM. US 10/17/09

Wow! It is a very good website. S. India 10/13/09

I am interested in following after the truth and read the Bible and would like additional reading that will improve my understanding but I only want what is Biblically true. JC. United Kingdom 10/13/09

Great Things! BM. Serbia 10/11/09

Hello, I am an American residing in Germany for just a few years and have really been needing to get closer to God as a result. I am thankful for sites like yours that give people good opportunites to do research. God Bless. ES. US 10/11/09

I'm glad to have finally found the Greek translation of the Bible online that's actually using the Greek alphabet, thank you. B. US 10/9/09

my aim is to have the greek rendering of of certain words in the bible. thanks alot. PN. Nigeria 10/9/09

I will like to study the scripture using the Apostolic Bible. JO. Nigeria 10/0/09

seems to have all the tools for honest bible interpretation. thanks. MM. US 10/7/09

I am currently studying theology and Church history to prepare to go to Holy Cross Seminary. Most people I speak with are Protestant and know little of the Orthodox Church or Septuagint. Whenever I give them the history of it, they always want a copy of the Septuagint. All find it superior to the King James Version and other Masoretic Text translations. M. US 10/6/09

This is neat and useful. SD. US 10/6/09

I would like to compare the Septuagint text to Masoretic text for book of Amos. JS. US 10/4/09

My 'hard copy' septuagint has no direct interlinear translation and, as a modest student lacking greek, I need that direct translation. CH United Kingdom 10/3/09

Thank you for your support. To Latin American People. We are blessing trhough your help. And we are blessing your lives at this time. O. El Salvador 10/1/09

I´m a teacher in a little seminary in Bogota. Colombia South America, This material is a great help. HM. Colombia 10/1/09

i need it badly. thanks. D. Philippines 10/1/09

Thank you so much, this is a treasure. A. US 9/30/09

i want to enjoy(katalambano) the original meaning of the bible. MGK. Kenya 9/29/09

Really want to know and learn more about ancient history of the bible and books to better my understanding to teach my children. D. US 9/28/09

I like to read bible and hope can more correctly understand the original word's meaning, to resolve the problems caused by different translations by different translater. CL. Taiwan 9/28/09

Thanks for this wonderfull gift. E. Brazil 9/27/09

i love greek bible so i want it to study. MGP. Philippines 9/24/09

Thank you for your work and God bless you, in the name of Jesus! T. France 9/23/09

I am struggling to understand the notion of Biblical Universalism. It seems like everybody quotes the Greek and then argues their own case!! FA. Australia 9/22/09

Gracias por esta preciosa herramienta, doy clases a candidatos a misioneros y considero que sera muy util. GF. US 9/21/09

I want to see the parallels between the Greek 'Old Testament' and the Greek used in the 'New Testament'. JSB. US 9/20/09

i have began a course comparing greek to hebrew and how old and new testaments are translated. this will be very helpful in my studies and teaching in new mexico. thank you and God bless you. RH. US 9/19/09

The Apostolic Bible is is easy to read and understand. everyone should read this Bible. GO. US 9/19/09

I need the interlineal Septuaginta. RPO. Venezuela 9/18/09

Thanks for providing a possibility to get LXX in Greek. If there might be a chance, besides, to only make a copy of the sole Lxx greek text, without the underlinear translation. Best regards! G. Lebanon 9/18/09

This bible is so exciting.Considering the wonderful things the Lord is doing today. I am excited to purchase and study from this bible! FP. US 9/17/09

This is the need of my life. NS. India 9/17/09

I am studying the Old and New Testament, and want to have access to the Septuagint interlinear to further a deep study of Scripture. SD. US 9/16/09

thanks for your kindess. I need this for my Greek study. HW. Indonesia 9/13/09

i'd like to be able to study the greek bible in englis. No other site has in greek and engEnglish,that I know of yet. RK. US 9/13/09

I use the bible for personal studies to learn more about what I need to do to be acceptable to God and also to enable me to teach others about his great love. NC. US 9/11/09

Researching the translations of various American English versions of the the Torah. JH. US 9/11/09

thank you so very much...I am wanting to illuminate subjects such as 'predestination' and other concepts which are complicated for the novice to ferret out. 9/11/09

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! I have longed for this & that I might more accurately understand, know, & proclaim the unadulterated Word of God! DE. US 9/11/09

Looking for help on exegesis of the OT. SKM. Netherlands 9/11/09

I am writing a thesis about the Septuagint, so I need the interlinear. ID. Lebanon 9/8/09

I am interested in comparing the Greek translation with the Hebrew. DB-A. Israel 9/6/09

I would like to learn about the LXX. GT. Nepal 9/5/09

i wish to study more of God's Word and i believe this is an aid. CD. Ghana 9/5/09

Thank You For The Free Download. Your hard work is appreciated and you have added a valuble contribution to biblical academia. BR. US 9/4/09

I need this for my studies regarding The Critical Introduction to the Old Testament at Heritage Christian University. PWE. US 9/4/09

This will be helpful for students and for me, since our ancient Greek language textbook gives many examples from the Septuagint. Thanks! CS. US 9/2/09

I am tutoring a beginning Bible college student in study skills and grammar. An interlinear translation seemed a good way to illustrate one why he needs to understand grammar better than he currently does. Finding one for the Septuagint just makes it even more interesting. Thank you. MB. US 8/26/09

I am trying very hard learn Greek in order to find GOD in the Bible. C. Brazil 8/22/09

for research purposes... Y. Zambia 8/19/09

to study for greek bible. CJK. Korea 8/18/09

Well its good that there is a site like where i can do my research on the Septuagint bible because i need it for our community discussions. Thanks be to God! Br. J Philippines 8/17/09

I wish to use the Septuagint in preparing sermons and linking the Epistles in particular with the text used, rather than the Hebrew. SG. UK 8/17/09

good for education and learning process. RSV. Philipines 8/16/09

I like this because it will help me in teaching. HZ. India 8/14/09

Just learning Greek and would like to try the Bible in Greek. LR Malasia 8/10/09

Need for Bible study, a friend gave me your address. JS. Australia 8/10/09

The Bible is the key to helping me think God's thoughts after him. Thanks for helping my personal study by making available the Septuagent interlinear. GD. US 8/10/09

I was using google to find the Septuagint in English, and this site came up. I had heard of the Apostolic Bible before, but never really thought about it, until now. I intend to use it for my personal use, as well as for my current Bible Class. Thank You for your time and effort. DD. US 8/9/09

To use with Greek word studies comparins uses of Greek words in the OT and NT. MB. US 8/3/09

Thank you. I'm preparing a sermon on Ps. 94:19 and am examining the word for 'anxious' (NASB). PR. US 7/31/09

I would like to have a more concise understanding of the original written of the bible. MD. Trinidad 7/30/09

Thank you for making this available. I've been studying the reliability of the Alexandrian LXX as opposed to the Byzantine LXX. JF. Trinidad 7/29/09

I'm a theological student. I from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This program it's good for my refreference, so thanks and God bless yours. JT. Malasia 7/28/09

One of my primary efforts is to get students started reading cross-culturally. Many or most of my students are unchurched. Few of them have had any contact with the thought world of the Bible. As Americans, they tend to assume unconsciously that the (only) form of communication is the direct approach. Contact with a story like that of the Prophet Nathan with King David makes them aware of other possibilities... AD. US 7/27/09

I am a theologian interested in reading the original text ot the New Testament... LS. India 7/26/09

I was so glad to find an interlinear version of the Septuagint cause I want to compare the new testament words andt the words in septuaginta with the hebrew words. MK. Sweden 7/24/09

Iam a bible teacher. I work with apostolic teams to share de Gospel where nobody es preaching. We have 4 apostles en Africa and India.Thank you for your help. AM. Nicaragua 7/24/09

This will help me in sermon preparation. AF. US 7/22/09

I'm hoping to find 'arete' in Old Testament passages! Search for excellence, you know! And thanks for making this available - God bless you! DM. US 7/20/09

I want to see how others translate the WORD. RF. US 7/16/09

I use the LXX both in my personal study and in my work as a Bible translator with Wycliffe Bible Translators. AV. US 7/15/09

I believe that the English version together with the Greek version as an interlinear is an important Bible study tooland would be grateful for your helping me acquire it. WR. Australia 7/13/09

I have wanted for some time to be able to compare greek words from the old testament with new testament greek usages. Thank you. DJ. US 7/12/09

I want to study the Apostolic Bible so I can understand the bible better. TBK. Canada 7/11/09

it is useful for studying the bible. CJGD. Philippines 7/10/09

A very important and valuable tool for biblical exegesis. T. Peru 7/10/09

Muito obrigado por esse maravilhoso trabalho! Não tenho palavras para descrever a minha grande alegria! UT. Brasil 7/13/09

SU pagina es excelente, a través de ella descargue en un tiempo atras el nuevo testamento en griego, es una joya invalorable. Gracias por esta pagina y por personas como ustedes. DC. Venezuela 7/10/09

…this Bible is indispensible. I love it! Thank you…RO. US 7/10/09

Thanks for this material. God Bless you. 6/30/09

Very interesting your site! DS. Romania 6/25/09

Have a web page and a web site, do personal deep word Bible studies and have 74 World Bible School Students. This would be of tremendous assistance to me.

Nice edition. A. Italy 6/22/09

…this version has come to me highly recommended. MH. UK 6/22/09

It's a very good site ! SG. India 6/20/09

I am using this interlinear to get a clearer vision of God, grace and life from a Trinitarian perspective. FA. US 6/20/09

Thank you! This will be a wonderful study help! Pas.PL US 6/20/09

I'm looking for this resource to aid my journey to find God. TA. Indonesia 6/20/09

in order to compare with the translation I need the original. SA. Romania 6/14/09

awesome. keep up the good work. BF US 6/14/09

Interlinear with strongs numbers is a great idea. I am not able to determine when and who did the translation. DLMcG. US 6/14/09

Many thanks for this. I have found this to be a very useful site…Dr. RB So. Africa 6/14/09

Great work brother. Thank you for your labours! AT. US 6/12/09

Thanks for the good work of providing the less privileged ministers with Bible gear. AD-O, Nigeria 6/11/09

Eschatological Interest. M. US 6/10/09

Studying translations of Bible. T. US 6/10/09

thanks for an interlinear online bible. EK. Malaysia 6/10/09

I would like to se portions of the LXX to compare with NT Koine Greek. RH. US 6/9/09

I thank allowme download this bible. HR. Guatemala 6/9/09

It is avey good site ! SG. India 6/7/09

for personal bible study. MH. UK 6/6/09

I need to learn Greek and Hebrew. I will spend the rest of my life studying. I am sorry it took me so long to understand the value of this knowledge. SPB US 6/5/09

understanding from the roots of the language. GS. So Africa 6/5/09

Study and Sermon and class preperation. TT. Austria 6/4/09

I'm a student at Columbia International University. I'm looking at this web site to see if it will help me prepare for an up-coming sermon I'll be presenting in church. Thanks. CB. US 6/4/09

I am a pastor and I teach New testament greek in a faculty (FATEAC).I am also working in a bible tranlating programm. So I need this Bible for my personnal study and for some comparaison between classical greek and New Testament greek. KYT. Cote d'Ivoire 6/4/09

This looks like a dream come true with the greek old testament english translation complete with strongs numbers on the page! I can't w8 to c it. MS. US 6/3/09

What a great resource! Thanks so much for making it available to all free of charge. Rev.Fr.MBP. US 6/3/09

Paul used LXX. I am teaching Romans. FF. US 6/3/09

I use these scriptures to study Christian holistic stewardship. Rev.CDB. US 6/1/09

You may not believe this,but the most widely adopted Japanese edition,Kyodo-yaku, both in Catholic and Protestant churches here in Japan has 'deleted' some Greek words in its translation. So we laymen must study the original text. T. Japan 6/1/09

I appreciate this being on here, I have many more people who visit me in my store asking about Orthodoxy, they quote many things, as they were usually raised Protestant, from the NIV interpretations and I have been wanting to share a resource like this with them for a while, I have brought several to my church and I feel blessed to have found this site! Thank you for you work! In Christ Jesus. CW. US 5/31/09

I am learning the Greek of the New Testament. If I have an old testament in Greek I can learn the word of God and learn the signification of the 2000 words which appear only once in the New Testament. God bless you. PDV. Belgium 5/31/09

Interested in gaining a better understanding of the LXX and coordinating of verse alignment with MT. RM. US 5/30/09

Thank you for your work and time. I am interested in learning more about the most orginal bible. K. US 5/29/09

Found you by link on another website. Want it for personal study, etc. JF. Australia 5/27/09

I am a seminary student at Bethel Seminary of the East in Auborn MA. I am currently working on a 12-step exegesis of Ezekiel 37:9-10. I appreciate that this resource is available on-line and free. LB. US 5/25/09

I am going to download this precious material to spread the seed of wisdom to young students in venenuela. VM Venezuela 5/23/09

I have recently been studying Revelation, and as John makes frequent reference to the LXX, this would be an invaluable tool. CR. US 5/22/09

I hope to use this to enhance my New Testament studies. SP. United Kingdom 5/21/09

Purpose: personal study and use for ministerial service. FK. Netherlands 5/21/09

this is very helpful as it bridges the nt, written in greek, to the ot, written in hebrew. G. US 5/21/09

It is a very good opportunity to practice my English and learn more of the Word of God. Thank you very much for your work. May God bless you always. JACA. Guatemala 5/20/09

Beside the fact that the Old Testament has been written in Hebrew, it is interesting and sometimes it is important to know certain parts and certain words of the so called Old Testament in Greek. MS. Germany 5/19/09

Please allow me to use this great tool to enhance my learning about the Bible. thanks. HC. US 5/18/09

Am conducting personal, spiritual research on orignial Bible languages and texts inorder to ascertain best text and best translation upon which todepend upon as God's Holy Word to fallen mankind. CRC. US 5/17/09

i need to have a copy for my personal study and devotions. Dr.GOC. US 5/17/09

I'm student of bible School. I'm studying exegesis the new testament, so i need this book and i need many helps. Thank you very much. S. Vietnam 5/17/09

I teach an adult Bible Class. In my studies, I have often referred to the Greek language copies of the LXX and New Testament. Not being proficient in Greek, The LXX poses problems for those words (which are many) that I do not immediately recognize. I am hoping this site can provide the interlinear and concordance material that will hasten our acquisition of this precious Bible knowledge. DRC. US 5/13/09

Have previously downloaded text. Now demonstrating to my son. RB So. Africa 5/13/09

I need it for Jesus Ministry. RL. Madagascar 5/12/09

Iwant to know what the original manuscript contains.books that were written before the king james version. JH. Trinidad and Tobago 5/11/09

Thank you for making this study material available to us. I hope to put it to good use. For some time now, I have been curious about how many of the O.T. words would be translated in the Greek language as compared to the N.T. JM. US 5/11/09

good for me to study bible. S. Hong Kong 5/8/09

I am just a man that want knowlegde of knowing God for praising Him better. I want thanks you for allowing to visit your website. Thanks!!!! JB. Brazil 5/8/09

I like the reading of the LXX translation; I am a blind person, and would still just like the text only version without any Greek, as I cannot read it in Braille. CS. US 5/7/09

There are a lot of LXX references that shed light on the available translations. I cannot read greek so an internear version is invaluable to me. R. US 5/4/09

I look forward to having this great text available for study. As a protestant Christian I am very dismayed by the failure for most of us 'western' Christians to appreciate the Greek foundations to understanding the Hebrew texts. WT. US 5/2/09

My 8 year old son is studying greek, following in his father's footsteps, and we'd like to have this to work with. Thank you so much! JS. US 4/28/09

I want to learn more of the Bible. TA. Philippines 4/27/09

I just require it to further my knowlege of God. It discovered I needed to get more information on the usage of greek words found in the new Testament. PO. Cameroon 4/27/09

I have had to scratch together a text here and there with the LXX and this would greatly aid me in my study. To view the Greek word used in the Old Testement translation would be a great blessing indeed. MJF. New Zealand 4/25/09

I want to study the Greek translation of the Old Testament for my parish Bible study class I am teaching. We are currently studying the book of Hebrews and i frequently reference the Old Testament. CK. US 4/24/09

Purpose: getting more easily a broader view on the contents of the Holy Scriptures than just by the Masoretic the Masoretic Text. HS. Netherlands 4/23/09

I want bible for my personal study. A. Nigeria 4/23/09

I had been taking some Hebrew ible studies and learned alittle of the Septuagent, I would like to have a copy that I may read and refer to so as to get a better understanding of the Bible. Thank you for the opp. to receive this free download. TC. US 4/23/09

Wanting to learn Greek, to study the LXX and NT, to know His truth. J. So. Africa 4/21/09

The best way of studying is to research and this place provides alot more than you expect. BB. Ghana 4/21/09

This Software can help me so much of further study of the bible. FCM. Philippines 4/20/09

It is very important to me. Thanks. JPF. Mexico 4/20/09

I was up all night last night wrestling with an old thought that has been with me for most of my 40 odd years of Christian life. It came to me that I should check the Septuagint for the Greek use of the word that I was struggling with. I did not know that anyone had undertaken such a task as to make an interlinear translation available. It is incredible since I don't read Greek and can only make comparisons by means of interlinear translations. God is Good! LE. US 4/20/09

God bless you I'bm pastor james noah from cameroun ihave in my church a group of pastor that i'training. I believe that knowing the old translation of the bible will make me understand the word of god in a deeper way. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Once more GOD BLESS YOU. NJ. Cameroun 4/20/09

Downloading the text in order to examine the translation verses tranlsliteration nature of the this bible. RH. 4/18/09

I like learn lenguage greek, I will knowledge. Thanks. AB. Chile 4/16/09

Greetings in the Lord. I've been a lay student of the Greek New Testament since 1988. I want to be able to cross check the meanings of Greek words that aren't in the New Testament's lexicon. For example, the KJV uses the word “harden” for three Hebrew words in the account of Moses and Pharaoh! And since the LXX translated the Hebrew into Greek, they decided to use three Greek words to catch the nuances of the Hebrew. And so on. Thanks for providing an interlinear version of the LXX for laymen use. MRM. US 4/16/09

I am assisting my pastor in comparing the translation of the original Hebrew texts with the Greek used in the Septuagint. PW. US 4/16/09

Esta es una excelente herramienta de estudio biblico, estoy seguro que me será de mucha utilidad en mis estudios personales y en las clases biblicas que desarrollo en la Escuela Dominical de mi comgregación. Doy gracias a Dios por todos los que la hacen posible. RMF. Chile 4/15/09

Thank you so much for making your work available online. I look forward very much to using this Bibble in my studies. LS. Australia 4/14/09

I love the Word of God. I want to study more. US Nigeria 4/13/09

I'm curious about the accuracy of translation, and reliability between the Septuagint and the Masoretic text. Based on my latest research, the M/T was altered by 2nd and 3rd century Jews, on up to the later centuries. I'd like to find the major differences between the Septuagint vs. the M/T version, particularly in Daniel 9. JR. US 4/13/09


very interesting bible for studying. UP. Trinidad 4/6/09

I need an interlinear translation to understand and clarify some discrepancies found in translations I use. SMcF. Canada 4/6/09

I'm just trying to be sure that the bible was correctly translated. The best way to do that is to go back to the original text and compare...Thank you for all your hard work!! LH. Canada 4/6/09

I support this site to make the word of God around the world. LW. Indonesia 4/5/09

I am interested in reading the Septuagint to learn the truth of God's Word. CS. US 4/5/09

I was given a your DVD from a gentleman that attends our church and it is very helpful in doing studies. RE. US 4/4/09

I would like to receive a copy of the LXX interlinear for study purpose and for teaching at my local Bible study group. MWS. US 4/4/09

as a student of My Heavenly Fathers i want the real one. A-S A. Ghana 4/4/09

Thanks for making this available. DK. Australia 4/4/09

I will surely enjoy the Bible and benefit from the hardwork all of you had done. May God bless your ministry. May the Lord richly bless you all. JN. Singapore 4/4/09

I am an academic instructor, student of NT Greek, and member of the clergy. Thank you for making your work available to others doing research in the field of Biblical studies. TC. US 3/31/09

My main use would be for preparation for preaching and mentoring. JG. United Kingdom 3/30/09


Hope this will be useful in understanding gay and lesbian relationships in the Bible. PM. US 3/27/09

i am interested to know in depth the Bible. G. India 3/27/09

Thank you for making this resource available! God bless you! ER. US 3/26/09

I am blessed knowin goyur site keep it up and get beig a blessing to others. S. Ghana 3/25/09

I will use this text to teach bible study and theology in Hebrew, Greek and English to students who have both gneral and specialized knowledge of the bible. WC,PhD. US 3/25/09

I have one copy, and now will be leading a group of laymen and clergy in a new group I'm starting, so need another. This tool is superb! HD. US 3/24/09

I really need these downloads because we are doing an excegesis right now^_^ thanks n God bless^_^. KD. Philippines 3/24/09

Thank you for the opportunity to study the LXX interlineair english version. I need this to solve some essential questions on the OT-basis of NT-texts, specially those of Matti and Revelations. GG. Netherlands. 3/22/09

My wife is studying Greek NT and wants access to Isaiah and other books. DDA. US 3/22/09

My purpose is to help with my studies a more in depth understanding. AD. US 3/21/09

I am looking for a solid interlinear New Testament in order to facilitate my reading of the New Testament in Greek. Thank you for your help! JS. US 3/21/09

I am a Christian wanting to learn as much as possible on what the Word of God says. DN. Kenya 3/20/09

I want to have an accurate knoeledge of scripture. SR. US 3/20/09

I am blessed knowing about your site because i have been praying to be able to learn from the real transcrite of the bible to give me the un diluted meaning of the word of God. SE-G. Ghana 3/18/09

I am a day chaplain at Southwark Cathedral. We have the tomb of Lancelot Andrews who was one of the translators of the Authorised King James version of the Bible. He use the phrase 'Coat of many colours' in the Joseph story. I am interested to see the septuagint word. SL. UK 3/18/09

to be better know my inheritance as a christian. FO. Nigeria 3/16/09

Thank you. I simply want to be able to see the original texts and compare them to the NAB and RSV translations I read. God bless. DD'A. US 3/15/09

an important resource for studying. A. Romania 3/15/09

I need a clarification as a Catholic Christian. RCG. Philippines 3/15/09

I have lack this resouces and I am truely desperate to have this Bible so that i can share the word as the Holy Spirit teaches me using this resouces in my class as i teach nursing integrated faith and there is nothing i can do better then this one thing. DK. New Guinea 3/14/09

I ned this material, couse in brasil is very expensive and dificalt to find. E. Brasil 3/14/09

I am looking right now for a comparison of the word for Eve being Adam's helper and Holy Spirit being our helper. I am sure there will be more... TBJ. US 3/14/09

I need a bible like this one, couse I teach greek in a seminary. EV. Brazil 3/13/09

I need to test some modern ideas against those of the Rabbi's in the Diaspora. BKO'B. US 3/11/09

I am interested and have the zeal to learn and study the word of God to equip myself so that I can be able to help others to know and accept our Lord Jesus Christ. M. Zimbabwe 3/9/09

I have found you by search engine (google). I need it for personnal studies. DG. Cote d'Ivoire 3/9/09

I wish to have the earliest surviving record of the old testament. K. Australia 3/9/09

I am very interested in how the original language translates word for word in order to better understand its application today. Current cliques used by contemporary teachers possibly load and weight certain verses over others thereby coloring texts unfairly and inaccurately. RC. US 3/8/09

Thank you. I am completing reading through the Rahlfs edition but need to be able to search important words. AF. Israel 3/8/09

My purpose is to compare the literal interpretation of Exodus 23:11 between the Septuagint and the rulings within the Jerusalem Talmud. I believe the common interpretation of that time to be in error. The latter makes specific avoidance of Exodus 23:11 in favor of Ex:34:21 (amusing because Ex 23:12 says very much the same as 34:21). Hence the Greek may reveal something of the syntax that might be useful in the exegesis. MVP. US 3/8/09


I've always loved the bible languages learning Hebrew and Greek in college. This will come in handy for my studies. J. US 3/7/09

i want to pursue my theology course to Doctorate bu i should have the basics. I am in my second year in University doing my first degree in THeology.Will be proud to be a pastor and work for God. THanks and be blessed. AO. Kenya 3/5/09

This looks like it is going to be a great tool for study purposes! KH. Bolivia 3/4/09

i really want to learn ,ore about Jesus love through study the many versions of his word. FM. Honduras 3/3/09

I feel this is a great opportunity for me to study more deeply. LC. US 3/3/09

I am in the period of studying and opening myself to the word of God and I am becoming aware that I will formalise my studies in the not so distant future by aligning myself with a fellowship and enrolling in full-time biblical study. TW. Australia 3/3/09

Would like to study the Scriptures in Greek. SKR. Philippines 2/26/09

I'm thinking this site is interesting for those who wants to study more carefully the Bible. I'm looking for a Septuaginta online, but a free download would be better. Thanks and God bless. F. Brazil 2/25/09

To read the septuagint in original language. NM. So. Africa 2/24/09

I am trying to do research on the term 'ekklesia' in the LXX. M. US 2/24/09

It's a real great joy having the possibility to use the version of the bible on my own computer. To improve the knowledge of the Holy Bible. I thank you for such a chance. CB. Italy 2/24/09

want to understand the original meaning. P. India 2/24/09

I wish to learn our religion from originals. S. Russia 2/23/09

I'm thoroughly thrilled to have found this's fantastic. Thank you for this! 2/23/09

I'm an autodidact student of Christianity, Greek and Hebrew, and I trust this would be a great help in my own personal studies. Thank you. LG. Portugal 2/17/09

For homily preparation. EP. Italy 2/16/09

i love the word of God so i want to know more better about it. so it will help me a lot. M. Pakistan 2/15/09

I love studying the Greek! It truly opens up the word of God! DC 2/11/09

I am studying Greek and my online teacher suggested this Bible. I searched online and came to this site. God Bless you! AI. India 2/11/09

I would like to study the text of the Bible to get to know the truth. B. United Kingdom 2/10/09

this will help me understand new testament better. EJB. US 2/8/09

I have been an owner of the CD version since 2006. I am returning today while sharing the site with my son who is in ministry school. He is downloading the texts today, but having trouble getting the NT. LS. US 2/10/09

How awesome about more deep know about Jesus! His word in greek that is great light to all nations! Praise His name! JPN. China 2/8/09

That's a wonderful tool for those who love the Word of God and are called to teach it. MC. Brasil 2/6/09

I would like to study the Bible in details. GS. India 2/6/09

I have appreciated your work very much Charles. Have purchased English Derivatives. Would like to get on better terms with the Greek New Testament. Hope your resources will help me with this. I am a retired clergyman. JG. Australia 2/5/09

I would like to thank you for providing this great opportunity to have original text of the the New Testament to be downloaded. I would like to have it for my personal studies. JP. India 2/5/09

Just trying to get together as much biblical text as possible for some personal research. J. US 2/5/09

I am a Catholic priest and I want to use it in my preaching to the university students. Aside from being able to review the Greek and Latin language, I hope to go deeper in my theological understanding of the sacred scripture. LS. Philippines 2/5/09

seeking to find out what oldest docments say about prophecies. CP. France 2/5/09

i pray that God will bless you people. I. Nigeria 2/3/09

I am read the bible now. LXB. China 2/3/09

Thank you!!!! I've been looking for something like this for ages! Being able to correlate the Greek words used in the LXX and NT will open up a wealth of meaning and clear up a lot of difficulties and uncertanties, I'm sure! R. US 1/30/09

I wish to use this for study purposes and thank you for making it available. BT. US 1/29/09

I am a graduate from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas, and I want to study the Apostolic Bible as to have a better understanding of the text. Thank you for allowing me to download this Bible, which will be used for personal studies only. Rev.AA. Nicaragua 1/28/09

I'm 18 and training to be in the ministry. I don't have much money so this PDF interlinear will help me in my study of the original languages. DKA-B. UK 1/28/09

This is a brilliant site. MJG. England 1/26/09

I am using this for my preaching duties in our local church. RAR. Philippines 1/25/09

I am a Bible student who is always looking and searching the word of God for truth. ML. Australia 1/23/09

I studied the Greek New Testament during a BA(Theology) at Glasgow Bible College. I found the Greek very helpful. It made me realise how vague the English language can be. And how precise the Greek language is. It also showed me how easy it is to come to different conclusions when we use only English text. I also began to realise that the NT writers found their vocabulary in the LXX. The words they needed to translate Hebrew thought was already there in the LXX text. JM. UK 1/22/09

i want to know the truth from its original source of God and not Jeromes. MG. United Kingdom 1/22/09

seeking word for 'helper' in Gen 2:18. DD. US 1/22/09

Very interested in the translations of His time vs. what modern translations are out there that have changed the Word to fit their traditions. CL. US 1/21/09

I greet you. I find you trough bible stud one line,so I'm a man of God and I train my self and other trough bible for the harvest.I want to have your document in french if it's possible. Je vous salut dans le précieux nom de Jésus Christ.J'ai trouvé votre site dans les coourriers électronics où je suis des cours bibliques.Je suis un homme de Dieu-évangéliste,et j'enseigne des gens tel le Seigneur Jésus nous l'a commandé dans Matt28.18à19.Donc je fais des recherches sur sur sites pour me documenter la formation des disciples pour la moisson.S'il est possible faites moi parvenir vos documents en français. PMMH. Rep of Benin 1/20/09

We host a Bible study group. We have been looking for an interlinear Septuagint so we could identify the Greek words with the Hebrew to better understand the New Testament. For example, the Greek word translated 'church' is 'ekkleesia.' The Septuagint translates the Hebrew word 'edah' as 'ekkleesia,' so that gives insight into the meaning of the New Testament. I mean, what is 'church'? But, 'edah' means a witness (to God's glory according to early, 'pictographic' Hebrew) who then duplicates what he has seen, i.e., the complete picture of receiving the Good News then turns into a discipler of others who would receive the Good News. BH. US 1/19/09

Wanted a method to compare Greek words/meanings to Hebrew words/meanings to better understand New Testament texts. Thanks for the free download! K. US 1/18/09

Thanks! I'm working on my PhD in early Christianity, and I'm hoping this will be useful. MLaF. Canada 1/18/09

My intention is to use this in the Seminary. I am the Vice President/Academic Dean of St. Andrew's Theological College and Seminary, as well as, for my Parish, St. Thomas the Apostle, Oklahoma City, OK. GOD. 1/17/09

I was looking for accessiblity to the entire LXX for personal studies and research as I am developing my own religious articles for potential publication within my own Research Journal or other venues of print and electronic publications. TB. US 1/16/09

I am interested in what this 'Apostolic Bible' is all about. I am Apostolic in Doctrine - Acts 2:38-47, Pentecostal in Experience - Acts 2:1-4 and Oneness in Belief - Deut. 6:4; Zechariah 14:9; Matthew 1:23; John 1:14; 1 Timothy 3:16; Colossians 2:9-10. So this interested me as to just want is meant by it being called my that name. If its a good study Bible then all the better. SDA. US 1/15/09

i want learn more. JD. Mauritius 1/13/09


After many translations from Greek documents and discussions about the Septuagint, I need to research the comments as to the Gospel writers using the Septuagiant as the guide for preparing their manuscripts in Koine Greek. JRH. US 1/12/09

Tranlator. Z. Azerbaijan 1/11/09

I need it to improve on my delivery quality. CIW. Nigeria 1/10/09

I'd like to know the originals and compare them to the versions i have. Also, i'm interested because i am a foreign language student. JU. Colombia 1/6/09

I wish to learn more, acquire more knowledge of the Bible. Thank you. VM. Puerto Rico 1/5/09

I am comparing Hebrew terms with comparable Greek terms. KP. US 1/5/09

Looking for Psalm 23 according to the Septuagint. DG. US 1/4/09

Looking to study Greek book of Daniel. MrS. Canada 1/2/09

Interested in the differences between the Septuagint OT and the Masoretic text of the OT. BB. US 12/26/08

Biblical Student, Personal Studies. Thank you so much!!! WDaL. Canada 12/26/08

I am interesting in Bible translation. AE. Russia 12/24/08

Thank you. I appreciate it very much and I know i shall glean such wonderful things from its pages. May the Lord continue to bless your work in Christ. JD. US 12/20/08

very instrumental for my Catechism class. D. US 12/18/08

Getting closest to the reality of God's word and living out the live of Jesus is my greatest quest. Pas.LO Nigeria 12/18/08

For personal study. JES. US 12/17/08

I have been looking for a Bible that incorporates the Septuigant and the Textus Receptus for some time. This was the first ever version that actually does that. I believe this will be useful for my studies in Greek as I can read any passage in the Bible in the Greek and English. BG. US 12/16/08

I believe the LXX is the better option for the NT study SP. US 12/16/08

a good work and help for me to learn oldgreek and know better God's word. G. Italy 12/14/08

I need to find the word doulos (slave) in the Old Testament Septuigint. LR. US 12/13/08

Very interested in the Biblical languages, greatly appreciative of any opportunity to view the text. DW. Norway 12/13/08

Happy to know this site. Cherishing Bible, I want to learn and read Bible in original language. Thanks to your site, I'm likely to enjoy Bible in depth. Thanks. W-sS. So Korea 12/13/08

To learn more about the Greek words of the Bible. DH. US 12/11/08

I am currently in seminary and taking a History of the Bible class where I have to write a paper on the Septuagint. I will be taking Greek next year and look forward to being able to read the Septuagint in the original language. This is a great resource for me and I thank you for allowing me to access such a treasure. It's a true blessing. TP. US 12/9/08

Thanks for allowing me tne free download. I am a minister but also need the download for personal study. I really appreciate the opportunity. Dr.DB US 12/9/08

I will just be checking out for some references for our Sunday study. J. US 12/9/08

Personal Study interlinear greek-english(or spanish). Thanks and God Bless. OL. US 12/5/08

I am a Catholic ex-seminarian (Society of the Divine Word). In College years ago, we studied the New Testament in Greek and Latin. Now 64 and retired, I would like to revisit the Bible to deepen my faith. Sometimes, the English translation may not capture the original meaning and would like to refer sometimes to the Greek and/or Latin translations even if they may not be the original language in which the book/s may be written. Thank you very much. EFS. Philippines 12/4/09

I intend to use this Bible for word study and exegesis. SA. US 12/4/08

I'm looking to learn and study biblical greek to better know God's word. JP. US 12/4/08

I need this bible for my research proposal. BB. Nigeria 12/2/08

I really want to understand the text in the bible very well, and i think this book is the best to use. A. Ghana 12/1/08

I am interested in the septuagint and how it relates to the New Testament. PCJ. Australia 11/30/08

I'm very glad that this is available online, since I'm only in my third semester of Greek, the interlinear is a time saver. MM. US 11/30/08

I am a biblical student and love learning more about the Word. KMT. So Africa 11/28/08

I have really been digging into Gods' word lately and am led to utilize this version also for my studies. I am just hoping I do it right, because this computer thing is new to me, we'll see how it goes. MA. US 11/6/08

It will be quite useful for my Bible studies. JV. India 11/23/08

I am very excited at what I have seen of this Bible. The ability to trace a New Testament them back into its Old Testament roots will be greatly enhanced. JW. Australia 11/23/08

Just so happy to find free download as I am retired and do not have unlimited resources. KV. Denmark 11/23/08

I have been wanting to be able to read the Bible as it was orginally written so this in addition to a new testament greek course should be exactly what I need. Thank you for making this available to those who seek but do not have financial means to fund thier search for wisdom. RJ. US 11/23/08

Just an Orthodox Christiaon Man doing research for my own enlightenment. RS. US 11/22/08

I need to research, as I am an Ordinand in the Church in Wales. Thank you for making thjis Bible available to us. HDG. WalesUK 11/22/08

Working on the Copic Bible, this means also working on the Greek text. Your tools seem to me extremely useful and I will gain a lot of time in my researches. I will mention this address to my students. Thank you so much for this huge works and most of all for giving us the opportunity to use it freely. NB. France 11/20/08

I am giving talks on the life of St Paul to some parishioners and would like to know more about the Septuagent as St Paul had used it a lot. Thank you. G. Fiji 11/16/08

Need to know about it for indepth understanding. JKY. Ghana 11/18/08

I really need this Bible in order to learn biblical greek. CV. Brasil 11/18/08

To compare Greek or Hebrew text to current day translations. AB. UK 11/18/08

Brought here by need to clarify Amos 2:13. DG. US 11/16/08

I am in formation to become an ordained deacon, and this will be useful for my exegetical studies. DB. US 11/15/08

Some people(like me) can not buy softwares,so for study and to spread the word of GOD some softwares should be free! P. India 11/14/08

For my personal studies. Unfortunately it is in English I suppose? Anyway it would enable me improve my English and learn the correct words. EF. Côte d'Ivoire 11/14/08

I am an independent student of the Bible. I seek the most accurate translations for private study. I am looking forward to using this primarily for the interlinear comparrison with the LXX. PS. US 11/12/08

Very useful for in depth research. HH. Malasia 11/11/08

This will be a big help to my studies and ministry. thanks. B. US 11/10/08

I like to read and search in the word of God. B. R D C - ex Zaïre 11/10/08

Thank you for making this available to enrich Bible study. 11/9/08 MW. US 11/9/08

i would like to study the bible in greek language. JS. India 11/8/08

I truly feel just from the small amount of inforamtion I have experienced in just a few minutes online with this Apostolic Bible that it will bring an Ephesian chapter 1 enlightment and revealation assistance to my bible study. This is an asset that I did not know exsisted. I look forward to my bible study using these tools. The tutorial slide shows was very well explained on how to use the tools. I am so excited. RP. US 11/5/08

need it urgently. EE. Nigeria 11/4/08

I have desired a Strong's-linked Septuagint for a while in order to understand the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew words. SB. US 11/2/08

I am a member of a Commission which is translating the Catholic Bible in our burundian language: KIRUNDI and we dont have the interlineare translation of the LXX. PN. Burundi 11/2/08

i am a college professor, sometimes preach/teach and a small group leader. I own this bible already and the cd. I just like to jump on the computer and use your site. SEJ. US 11/1/08

hope it makes me understand better for the service. DW. Indonesia 10/28/08

Thank you for this wonderful tool! We so appreciate it! It is an answer to prayer. LC. US 10/27/08

Thank you for this resource, i'm is want to learn the Bible in original language--Greek and Hebrew. Thank you... PS. Indonesia 10/27/08

I am hoping this is what I am looking for - a useful tool to help me get to the the original language of the OT without using the Hebrew. I am not as good at Hebrew as I am Greek. This will also help me to understand what the Hebrew understood the Hebrew word meant when they translated their language into the Greek. JR. US 10/26/08

I am currently teaching a senior adult Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) class. As part of that class I need to be able to review some Prophetical passages from the old testament, getting closer to its literal meaning. Thanks for your efforts on this work. KW. US 10/24/08

A friend passed on the information about the Apostolic Bible. I am a teaching Pastor, currently pursuing a Masters in Practical Theology. AH. England 10/24/08

Desire to study and learn more about the Old Testament Greek and how it was/is used and employed in NT context. Love doing OT Greek word studies as well and will be comparing the Septuagint with the MT Hebrew Old TEstament. MK. US 10/22/08

This is for my personal growth and that I may teach and minister with the proper information. LM. Canada 10/20,08

Congratulations for all this information and material available. I am studying New Testament Greek, I hope to learn more about it. Thanks very much indeed! BP. Venezuela 10/18/08

Am very much interested in finding the true words used for the Bible. CL. US 10/17/08

It would be a blessing to use this software for deepening faith and knowledge of Christ. JC. US 10/17/08

It´s necessary for my ministry like Professor of Theology, PhD. ThM. BTh. LAB. Brasil 10/17/08

I teach three courses at a classical (read Trivium based) Christian school (Rockbridge Academy). These courses include: Christocentricity of the Old Testament, Church History, and Systematic Theology. This resource appears to be a benefit to my own personal research as well. NN. US 10/16/08

I would like to know the tru origin of the Ten Commandments. EU. Philippines 10/16/08

I have only just discovered the difference between 'old' and the 'newer' Hebrew. As I am trying to understand the true meaning of God's Word I think it is prudent to use the most accurate text possible. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to read God's Word for free, I am a very poor person because I have been left with terrible injuries from a botched hospital operation (almost 20 years ago). I was baptised nearly 8 years ago. God Bless you. Yours Faithfully. GJ. United Kingdom 10/12/08

To be more knowledgeable in God's word and more spiritual about the things og God. OOP. Nigeria 10/10/08

Unbelievably helpful for those of us whose NT Greek studies are more extensive than our OT Hebrew background. Thanks. RS. Canada 10/10/08

Thanks for this great resource to enable to study the word of GOD and grow spiritually as well. thanks. MP. US 10/10/08

My purpose includes all four purposes - as an ordained minister, I teach college age adults in a Bible study, and learning more of the Scriptures for my personal growth. I chanced upon your site while studying the possibility of LXX interlinears. I have Brenton's Grk/English edition, as well as the two volume Hatch and Redpath Concordance - the interlinear with lexicon will greatly assist in the furtherance of Biblical studies. Thank-you. RBF. US 10/9/08

I am teaching roman catholic religious education at a grammar school (gymnasium) with special focus on the apostolic and patristic roots of the church. RC. Germany 10/8/08

I have been looking for an LXX interlinear of this quality and utility. This is the best I have seen. KAK MD. US 10/6/08

I understand that the Greek Septuagint is as close as one can get to the original New Testament manuscript.

In light of this access to this text with English translations will be of immense value to my research into the Scriptures as a Christian. RY. Trinidad and Tobago 10/6/08

This is so cool. It is helping our research on the Prophecies... SMcK. US 10/6/08

I thank you very much for this wonderful site which helps us students of the Word of God on our spiritual development. JMAC. Brazil 10/6/08

I'm a worker at an urban mission in Toronto. Part of my duties include the teaching of the Bible, for what I have a passion, and my desire is to do it honoring His Word preparing myself in the best of my possibilities and capacity. Thank you, for this tool and God bless you and prosper you. M. Canada 10/2/08

Bless you so much for making this available. This will enhance our church Bible studies. RM. US 10/2/08

I really happy, to find this, I´m a greek teacher, and I hope many persons spacialy my studentes, find the Glory of God. DS. Brazil 10/2/08

I am a lifetime member of Student Catholic Action of the Philippines and have served as Academic Adviser for a couple of terms. I am interested in Greek version of the New Testament. Thank you! NP. Philippines 10/2/08

I need to know more as a minister of the word of God. K. So Africa 10/1/08

Your introduction says precisely why I want the Septuagint: it is a dictionary for the Greek of the New Testament. In particular I want 'head over all' in 1Chron.29:10 (I expect it is not 'kephale'). CJ England 9/28/08

i want to understand the bible better. F. Nigeria 9/27/08

I'm trying to understand Scriptures more by looking at the most original text. CB. Philippines 9/26/08

wanting to know how the different uses in the Hebrew of God are translated; Adoni, Eloheim, Yahaweh? J. US 9/26/08

I am taking my master course in OT Biblical Studies. Thank you for the resource. JH. Canada 9/26/08

I am learning NT Greek, and have wishing to buy the LXX in order to have more reading material. Thank you for making this valuable material available free of charge. JN. Nigeria 9/26/08

I took Latin in High School and Russian in college. Some years later, I was dating a lady who waho was a student at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. I was visiting her one day and her friends were studying for a Greek exam and tried to put me down. They handed me a Greek text book and asked me to call out the words to them. I was able to pronounce them just as you would pronounce Russian words spelled the same.

I have since studied Greek on my own and I have a Greek New Testament that I study. I also have e-sword that has a Greek Old Testament, but the Greek character set is hard for me to read. I want a Septuagint to study, but I've been unable to find one for sale in printed form. DT. US 9/24/08

To use for study and exhortation Bis.Dr.BPRK. India 9/24/08

I am Orthodox and read Greek. I have a copy of Brenton, the Orthodox Study Bible, and the MY. I like to see how others handle the translation of difficult texts and see how different manuscript traditions vary. IW. US 9/23/08

I am very interested by the Bible and want to read the Holy Scripture in Greek and Latin languages. P. France 9/22/08

I love to study the Bible in the orginal Greek. I can do it a little bit, but it is rewarding. ED. US 9/21/08


After joining the Coptic faith, I learned that the Septuagint is used, so I wanted to read and study it. MRJ. US 9/14/08

I believe the original new testament book is translated form the Greek, so I want to read and see it by my self from the origional. T. Eritrea 9/11/08

i think that its a very interesting the study of the greek new testament cause the nowadays facts need an explanation, and i can achieve several things by mean the greek language. MH. Mexico 9/10/08

I would like to be able to use the Septuagint to study the Greek text of the Old Testament to the glory of God. TB. US 9/10/08

To learn more about the bible and the original writings. CC. US 9/8/08

I am a youth pastor studying the Bible everyday. The provided Bible will be a big help to me. HJ-u So Korea 9/7/08

I am an MDIV student at Yale Divinity School, just starting my Koine Greek lessons this fall... so glad to find this resource! Thanks! KR. US 9/7/08

Surely this will be a great help for men...Thanks a lot and be blessed.. TS. Indonesia 9/6/08

I'm very interested in the original meaning of the word. WJ Switzerland 9/4/08

I'm doing a word study at present on atonement, and wish to see how the ancients translated the OT atonement using Greek - to follow the idea of the NT. JH. US 9/3/08

I want to dig the word of God. TY. China 9/3/08

Deseo leer en griego el Nuevo testamento. Por favor, permitanme obtenerlo. DIOS les bendiga. RS. Bolivia 9/1/08

I am a translator doing religious translations for the local TV station. It would be greta o have the download. AP. Russia 9/1/08

Im very interested in learning some greek, specially the one used in the Sacriptures. thanks a lot. HR. Mexico 9/1/08

doing a bible study on genesis. KE. US 8/29/08

good to compare with vulgate Latin. TL. US 8/29/08

I'd like to explore the Septuagint translation. CFK. US 8/29/08

Interest in prophecy. AN. UK 8/27/08

I am studying the original texts. FJ. US. 8/26/08

I am very excited about furthering my studies of the LXX and the NT in its original languages. HI. US 8/25/08

I look for an Psalm in orig. greek. H. Germany 8/25/08

This download will really help me in teaching Lxx Greek. BM. Kenya 8/24/08

I want to use this for comparative purposes. DS. US 8/20/08

For some time, I have been aware that the disciples and Jesus quoted form the Septuagint. However almost all of our modern bibles have a Masoretic text which I feel certain does not accurately reflect the first century belief system. Therefore, I want to study with a good English translation of the Greek text. JR. US 8/19/08

...thak you for your incredible work and for making this study tool which I have found so very valuable as I search deeply to see if these things be so (Acts 17:11). LS. US 8/19/08

I've been lookng for a Septuagint interlinear for my personal study; this looks to be ideal. Thank you very much PP. UK 9/19/08

Thank you very much for this free software! This will be of great help in my instruction in biblical studies in the Philippines and will be of great help to my students. SMA. Philippines 8/19/08

The prompting of this particular quest of mine is to prepare for a Sunday-School lesson addressing Paul's instruction in Ephesians 4 'Be angry, and sin not.' because it is a quote from Psalm 4:4. My biblical excursion has become now an in-depth study on biblical anger, appropriate anger, especially in the instances of the term used in the Ephesians passage; and more particularly, where (or if) God draws a distinction between anger and sin. Thank you for providing this interlinear text. JD. US 8/18/08

I need it in my study. MS. Egypt 8/18/08


I need the interlinear LXX because I'm making a stude about the verse isa 7:14 & Jdg 21:14. M. Egypt 8/15/08

I am a student searching and knocking for TRUTH. RH. US 8/14/08

I look for an Psalm in orig. greek. PS. US 8/14/08

I love the word of God, and I think it will improve my studies. JCdO. Brasil 8/12/08

thanks for that service. MZS. Egypt 8/12/08

Trying to find a Greek interlinear for students in India. Pas.RES. US 8/12/08

I would like to learn the Holy Bible through the basic language (Greek) I need to know. Thank you for all aid to me.... A. Indonesia 8/12/08

i am a student of teology of Baptist Church, so i need this work very muth. Thanks for evething. FKGF. Brasil 8/12/08

I`m very interested in know what is the septuagint. DZ. Mexico 8/11/08

seminary student. CT. US 8/11/08

Specifically trying to do a study comparing the Heb Grk pertaining to the word 'Dwell'; Oikeo, Mishkan, Meno, etc... Thank you. JH. US 8/11/08

I'm studying the Greek language and am also interested in increasing my knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. EH. Venezuela 8/11/08

tanx for this facility. FRS. Indonesia 8/11/08

I have been searching to find out the words in Greek for 'slave' and 'love', and to see how they translate to our English words. VW. US 8/10/08

i used to know biblical greek and hebrew from college, but many years and want to pick it back up. E. US 8/10/08

I've always been searching for something like this material. It's the greatest. Thank you. God bless. AC. Peru 8/9/08

I am a student of Scripture and your site looks very useful to me. PG. Australia 9/9/08

I just found your site and am very excited about looking at the original Greek manuscripts. I'm currently studying about the real gift of speaking in tongues and need to reference the original manuscripts to see what was actually being said. AC. United Kingdom 8/8/08

For comparative study. T. India 8/7/08

I am very interested in how the Greek Old Testament reads. CC. US 8/7/08

I would like an easy to access and easy to understand parallel between the English and the Greek. P. England 8/7/08

Great to have an interlinear septuagint for scripture study and homily preparation. Fr.TD 8/6/08

Thank you for doing this. This will definitely help me in my studies of God's Word. D. US 8/6/08

I'm looking forward to using this valuable tool. Thanks for making it available to the general public. TF. US 8/6/08

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I am trying to find the Greek word ecclesia in the septuigent, I know that assembly, congregation,sanctuary, gathering in the New testament in transliterated Church or ecclesia. I know the Church exsited in the Older testament, But I would like to know where ecclesia is found in it. If at All. Thank you. RC. US 7/30/08

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********************OLDER COMMENTS****************************

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It's too soon for me to know how helpful your interlinear will be, but I was happy to find it and to put it to work (to be used in my current study of the Book of Acts together with Jaroslav Pelikan's new commentary in the Brazos series). Thank you for all the work you've obviously put into your project.

Our Bible study group was in I john and looking at "fear" when several pointed to passages in the OT and asked me if it was the same word. I said I'd have to check my Hebrew version when I got home, but I thought the LXX would give me an idea what the contemporaries thought the Hebrew word should be in Greek -- which I could compare to my Greek NT.

As part of an in-depth Sunday School class, we are incorporating lessons from the original Greek. It is obviously a better study, when taking into account the Original Language of the text!

Since my 2oth, I'm now 50 years old. I've been reading the Greek New Testament, and little by little increasing my Greek vocabulary. This is the time for my deep commitment to learn the N.T. Greek as my second language, and share with others the powerful meaning impossible to translate in just one word in other language. Therefore, I found that this Apostolic Bible will be more than valuable to my purpose. God bless you.

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I am a PhD student at Southeastern Baptist Seminary and I teach doctrinal classes, as well as Sunday School classes at Richland Creek Community Church. Thank you for making this powerful tool available for those of us who take the work of God seriously and desire to teach it accurately and lovingly.

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For growth and producitivity in the christian ministry. Chibueze OE Nigeria