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I am very much looking forward to the printed edition, because I have limited internet or computer access and have already used a library polyglot to discover Eve is called Zoe, and spoken to Orthodox about it. OT illuminates NT, but an interlinear enables me, non greek reader to ask classicists or native speakers about precise meanings. eg 'metanoeite' in say Mark 1; 15.

Thanks for providing freely... J Philippines 5/23/15

I use Bible Analyzer which has a partial version I think. Thanks for your work! MA US 5/22/15

It makes the bible pages more alive. Thank you so much for making this learning tools available to us. SD So Africa

Thank you for making this available at no cost. By doing that I know you are truly following the words of Christ when He said, "freely you have received; freely give." May God richly bless your ministries as I know He will mine through this work. GH US 5/19/15

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Having lived overseas many years and at one time being fluent in three languages have helped me appreciate the intricacies of translating. The septuagint represents how a world system was the instrument of having 70 scholars carefully translate the bible from the original language to the world language of the day. This is significant as it preluded the coming of the Messiah under a Roman rule still with the greek language and the hebrew araic language and tradition. This helps seeing outside of the box effectively. GC US 4/13/15

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I praise God for your service in producing a more accurate translation.  I also plan to purchase one of these in the very near future.  I pray your heart, mind, and soul receives ALL the blessing our Father has for you as you've served him well.  Blood of Jesus. L.T. USA 1/23/15

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So pleased with your God Blessed work. The restoration of all things is the fulfillment of the Lords Prophetic will. JM. US 12/4/09

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I want to know everything about Bible 'cause i am a theology student. God bless us. ASA. Brazil 11/19/09

I find you translation to be excellent at many points. For instance Phil. 1:5. The KJV and many other translations fail to translate the definite article at the end of this verse. Your translation '...until the present.' is prefer to the KJV etc. because this little definite article is like a polite and discret finger pointing to the gift that Paul has just received fromt he Philippian believers which he elaborates more near the end of Chapter 4. I learned this from Kenneth Wuest commentary of Philippians. May God bless your today and forever. Rev. TC US 11/19/09

Study to show thyself approved. I know it doesn't mean justified to go into heaven, but if i'm to spread the gospel, I need all the wisdom and knowledge I can get. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I can't remember chapter and verse, which is why I am not a pastor, but I can still love and minister to people who will hear and receive what God has given me to say to them. Hopefully one of them, no, many of them will become pastors. JB. US 11/19/09

A teacher of European languages, I am an amateur student of the Bible. DBC So Korea 11/18/09

excellent resources for personal study and teaching. MH US 11/18/09

This is the best resource for the Septuagint I have ever found. God's blessing be with you for creating the best resource. OV. United Kingdom 11/17/09

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Im very grateful for all the work that has been done to further reveal Holy Scripture - My wife and i have been using e-sword,which has as u may know,many Bibles and Bible tools - For many years i was using the NIV,but then came to understand that the KJV was more accurate - Im not sure if it is or not,but in reading about The Apostolic Bible,here and elsewhere, i would truly like to explore its depths,and so better understand God's word and will - At this time,we are unable to make a donation,but expect The Lord to open up a door of opportunity for employment back in the US in March of 2010(I was born and raised in NY) - Not long thereafter,i look forward to show my gratitude - We have an end times ministry and send out emails regularly;we look forward to telling many that this site and this Bible exists - May The Lord *richly* bless u and your ministry! CO. Philippines 11/9/09

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I like the translation of Exodus 3:14. It seems to match the concept behind the Hebrew also in an especially cogent way in English.. CJ. Canada 9/27/09

Whereas the earliest copies of the LXX is centuries older than the Masoretic text, and the LXX was the edition of holy scripture in predominant use in the first century Christian world, and the Christian scriptures quote directly from the LXX in many places, and the Dead Sea scrolls in many places agree with the LXX rather than the Masoretic text, I am intersted in having an English version translated from the LXX available for my use. JS. US 9/27/09

I thank God for being able to enter in this site through Google.com .Here in Cameroon we are french speacker for most of us and also such instrument are verry expensive. So by God grace i will make a good use of this ressource. HYAE Cameroun 9/24/09

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Thank studing all of the text that I can in older languages is very important to meas well the whole earth there are many things lost in the text of those before. I would to see this website expand in the Hebrew as it has done in greek. Hebrew Is core to understand the stance and perspective of ancient times it is imparative that we embrace the purest most original form of gods word and instruction. Blessings and peace to you and your site. K. US 8/19/09

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It seems the Greek language was used primarily during the New Testament era of Christ and his apostles. And since the the Old Testament scriptures were studied and taught by the above, it seems logical to me that the Septuagint original may be one of the better translations to compare with. DB. US 8/4/09

i have heart of the Lxx in serminary and i would want to have one for myself for further studies. CM_D. Ghana 7/30/09

I recommend the work that yu do. Kepp it up. FA. Japan 7/31/09

I want to compare some of the O.T. passages with the Greek Septuagint Version that I already have and compare your N.T. version with the A.S.T. version that I already use. Thanks for allowing me to preview your texts! JF. US 9/23/09

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I found the listening to the reading of Malachi 4 very interesting, afterall it speaks of the return of Jesus Christ the son of God to this earth, when he will sit upon the throne of David as promised in 2 Sam 7:14 and acknowledged by David in psalm 2. This promise is repeated by the angel Gabriel to Mary who appreciated the true significance of the promises made to David and the deliverance of Israel from under the hand of their enemies, but more than this she understood the deliverance which Jesus would effect for all mankind through overcoming sin in the flesh. Furthermore, words such as apocalypse are missed in the English translation and so listening to and reading them in greek are of great benefit, especially noting where the word is used elsewhere in scripture. We can but thank God that he will cause Jesus to return to establish God's kingdom on earth, then will the words of his prayer which he encouraged his disciples to pray find fulfilment, 'thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth.. Glory to God in the highest, peace, goodwill to all men.. First glory to God, then peace.. LB. UK 3/16/09

Thank you for your commitment to making the word of GOD easier to understand. JR. Australia 3/12/09

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In the Intro, I wonder if statistics are possible to back up statements--eg, the number of times Paul uses the LXX in his quotes compared with the number of his MT quotes. The other NT authors the same. I understand also that Paul did his own Hebrew to Greek translation where the LXX did not suit him. However there is no doubt that the LXX was majorly quoted in the NT, and as such this is an excellent research tool for which you are to be highly commended. Thank you so much for making it free of charge. CS. New Zealand 1/20/09

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I very much wish that you had a noninterlinear version. Even better, a noninterlinear version with the KJV in parallel columns. And I could do without the Strong's numbers. I have never liked nor used Strong's. Otherwise ... good work! JH. US 12/6/08

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I'm excited to see that this is a free download! In my initial readings regarding the LXX, it seems to me that this is the most inspired version (LXX) and that translations should be coming from this text (especially since it has been confirmed through the Dead Sea Scrolls). Thank you for having this as an available resource! TM. US 11/22/08

I have 2 hard copies but when I forget to bring one along I love that I can access it online thanks for your hard work to make this possible. HS. US 11/19/08

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Understanding that the only bona fide 'Old Testament' of Orthodox Christianity is the LXX. I am eager to improve my Greek and search the Septuagint. The latter is superior in so many ways to the Massoretic text, which is the standard Tanakh of modern Judaism and which is assumed by most of the Western churches to be 'as far back as one can go' in the evolution of the Hebrew Old Testament. Many thanks for the free download! JS. Canada 9/27/089

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My english is very bad, sorry. i'm seminarist in Baptist instituition, and she is very liberal. I want defend the holy bible. Eu eustudo numa instiuiçao Batista, que é muito liberal. Eu sonho em defender a Biblia Sagrada dos seus opositores. AM. Brasil 7/24/08

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I'm so very blessed to have been led to your site. May our Lord bless you! William A

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fantastic site. Mitch K

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I just gave a cursory glance at some of the NewTestament texts where significant textual variants exist between the majority text, textus receptus and the critical text to try to discern what Greek textual base was being used for the Apostolic Bible New Testament. My interaction with the Apostolic Bible is too meager at this point for me to comment about it intelligently. Thank you, however, for trying to produce a L-'CC translation in English, hopefully rendered from a better textual base than Brenton's. I am still learning about the various extant LXX manuscripts and would appreciate any links you could furnish on that subject. I purchased your CD last night and look forward to your = hardcopy. VAy has there been for centuries so little attention given in the west to the book that the Apostles considered Divinely inspired Holy Scripture? That question is not rhetorical. I am genuinely confused and appalled.

Howdy Folks, I just viewed your works online without storing anything. I am looking for Septuagint for the OT mainly, but I am having problems finding a version that is early enough to have the correct manuscripts I'm looking for. Your version mainly starts with the Vatican version. Vlhat I'm finding in your version has "King Messiah" missing as in the Masoretic text OT in Psalms 20-24. Also I cannot find text for one phrase in Psalm 22. "He has accomplished this" Jesus fulfilled this when He said "It is finished." The Spirit of God can reveal much more than HJV when studying the original language or something closer to the original. The greek language is one of the most precise languages ever formulated, and it served well for the Word of God.

It is great that the greek text and interlienar translation are createde for the study by scholars and students of scripture.

It is about time someone made an effort to make an interlinear Sept./English Bible. Thanks very much. I would certainly like to get your whole book when it is completed. I am just a missionary and a writer..

The ABP is great. When researching anything in the OT, it is good to find out how the L~XX translators interpreted the Hebrew into Greek, before considering how the subsequent English translations relate to each of these. Since the = translators were obviously far more conversant with the original language, looking at their renditions into Greek can be quite enlightening. Although they were not God-inspired, they were in a lot better position to interpret the original language than any modern scholar. Thankyou for making this wonderful tool available. The A-B-Strong numbering is an elegant and practical solution to the numbering issue. God bless your endeavours.

This is an important thing that you are doing! There has been an especial lack of OT interlinear.

I'm ver-y happy with this material, I'm using it for lerning and to talk about the Bible with my sons, my family and my friends. Thankyou very much. God Bless to you.

What an amazing project and site. I'm looking for-ward to the 2nd edition being available on CD-ROM and in print.

Fantastic bible study tool. a definite for the serious bible student

This is a fantastic resource and really serving the body of Christ by offering it free of charge. As an amateur in bible greek I found the resources highly accesible and very useful. Many thanks. Peter

Your polyglot has been immeasurably helpful to me in my studies. Thank you for all the work that you've done to have this wonderful resource be accessible and available to people like me who have a need to study the Bible. God bless you for all your efforts. Lori

Thanks for giving me the opportunity. My intention is to buy the CD Rom shortly. I am currently studying Biblical Greekwhich naturally would unlock the richness of the original text to me. The Old Testament Septuagint is also of immense value especially with all the books contained therein. I would love to teach Christians to love the Word of God! I would rather have the CD as it is easier to carry around. Not that the printed text wouldn't be a prized article. Esther B

I am very much looking forward to the printed edition, because I have limited internet or computer access and have already used a library polyglot to discover Eve is called Zoe, and spoken to Orthodox about it. OT illuminates NT, but an interlinear enables me, non greek reader to ask classicists or native speakers about precise meanings. eg 'metanoeite' in say Mark 1; 15. Peter A

Your pdf files of the pages look fantastic! I think your Bible will be an outsatnding tool for Bible students everywhere I'm waiting to get in line to buy one.

This is a great resource! Being able to review the original language of the New Testament without the need to have studied ancient Greek is a tremendious aid. I encourage the development of the written text.

Thanks for your excellent site. It is one of the outstanding resources on the web. Blessings!

What a marvelous tool you've supp.lied! I was thinking how grand it would be if an interlinear of the Septuagint was available in English, so I Googlecl "Septuagint interlinear" and voila!

You have obviously constructed one of the greatest Bible study tools conceivable. I look forward toi making extensive use of this marvel.

the design is unforgetable; the first site i have seen of this kind with a graphics of high standard, although i really miss the breathing signs..

This is a great piece of work. I have already discovered some information on some of my studies. I look forward gaining more insight into other studies. I also look forward to when you might complete the Analytical lexicon also. I am hoping to be able to afford the printed edition some day.

I love this. I am surprised that more people do not know about it.

I dare say that The Apostolic Bible was written for those who had loving hearts and will to know The Truth... So is there any need to translate it into new English where Christ is called THE ANOINTED ONE? And the onlv begotten Son - THE ONLY CREATED GOD?

Reading the introductory material I am pretty excite about the whole project and would laud vou for all you effors.

Very beneficial for deeper insight. I use the interlinear septuagint extensively.

thank u for being here to allow us to download bibles ... god bless you..

I've been in need of a version of the Septuagint like what you are offering for some time. I do not know of anywhere else that you can get a Septuagint version of the OT and NT bound together and that features the lexical numbering system. I will buy the Printed version as soon as it becomes available. I hope it is soon. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

I am pleased to be able to read the bible in as close ofwords as possible to the original, as much more meaning can be derived as it was originally meant. Thank all of you for your wonderful effort.

I find the layout to be very clear and helpful. Thank-you. It has been a real help in my studies.

The availability of the Greek Bible on line is of immense benefit to my students.

Over the past year or so, I have been diligently learning Koin6 ~Greek from Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek (self-taught). And now, I am very happy to have found your website. First, I was excited to explore it, & quickly became impressed with the 'traditional' Greek pronunciation seminar. This instruction will he immediately applied, on account of the face that I always prefer to do things as close to the original as possible. I tend not to do as the 'learned scholars' say simply because 'they' say, because they change everything to suit their tastes. I do things as a common man, or in this case as a common woman. Our Lord did not choose closedminded scholars to instruct, instead, he taught common men & women who had no predispositions & who were still open to fresh instruction & willing to alter even the basics if change was needed. And, also, he called Saul/Paul, who though he had been a learned scholar & well taught, was zealous enough towards God & desiring enough of the Real Truth, that he was open to mental renewal when confronted with his misconceptions. I hope that I come childlike before Him, still open to progress in everything. VAile exploring the site , in addition to the pronunciation seminars, I was also extremely pleased to find your written text to also be closer to the original, beautifully lacking the tagged-on accents. I have felt that the majority of accents are just another air put on by the 'intellect'' not only to make others think exactly as they think, but also cause new students to struggle unnecessarily. Even though, I have studied them, understand them & use them extensively as clues in translating, I feel that they take away from the Word & make suppostions for the reader which the writer may not have intended. I'm a smart girl, actually a woman, HaHa, I'm 39, but I think that with the Holy Spirit guiding me, I'll be to arrive at an understanding which will not displease my Heavenly Father. Up to this point, I have only had a Greek NT (Kurt Aland) & now hope to enjoy the Septuagint as well. My understanding of Scripture & the power of the Word in my life is constantly being heightened by having learned Greek & now I am ready to explore the Old Testament in the same way. A-nyways, on a jocular level, I'm not yet quite ready to tackle yet another language to read the OT. Furthermore, since the Septuagint was in use prior to & during the time the Son of God walked upon the Earth , I feel that the Ruler in the Heavens will have no problem with me tackling this first. Vaile the Son walked with man, he spent so much time, correcting all of misconceptions, mankind had of the Law; for. they held the Scriptures that led towards life, but theyjust misunderstood the principle of God's love which the Law & Phophets stand for. Now I will personally be able to see the OT scriptures which my Lord was discussing in the same form (or I should say, as close to it as possible) as the people of that time period. I am so intrigued. Thank you & May He Bless You in your Work!!!!


Can't afford a new bible at the moment, but thank God for the internet and the few people willing to give away "free" bible texts.. if only printed copies were free as well :) Matthew S

this will help improve my understanding of scriptures. Dave M

I continue to find your work both intellectually and spiritually rewarding. Peter O'B

The word of GOD is my guide to the only true and loving Lord who is both Light and Loveand the Greek language fascinates me and I want to study it ffrom a worthy source. Thanks for giving this to us.

Thank you and may G-D bless you folks not charging for the most valuable thing in the world... Marana-Tha. Erik G

ou are a valuable referral centre.

This is a wonderful project you are undertaking and I can hardly wait for the printed version to come out! Thanks for your hard work.

I am not in a financial position to purchase anything. (Prayer request= a newjob) I enjoyed the tools presented in a college class called Intro to Biblical Exegesis. It is exciting for me,wbo didn't and hasn't been able to learn any more than the English language. I am glad and thankful that God has gifted others to help those of us who havn't been able to learn a foreign language; especially the Biblical languages.

thank you for providing this service to God and mankind. Sidney

Your project is one of a kind. Septuagint Greek and English parallels have been on the market but leave something to be desired compared to the Interlinear. In comparing the Greek 0. T. to the Hebrew 0. T. is another problem. I attempted this myself and found that this is possible in the Law and the Prophets with only some internal contexts displaced. However, I ran into greater problems in The Writings with larger sections displaced. The Hexaglot Bible did a parallel but not an interlinear parallel. With both Hebrew and Greek Interlinears available perhaps the Hebrew and the Greek can be paralleled like never before with more precision. Your attempt is a badly needed oneof a-kind project never before duplicated to my knowledge. God's blessings in your work! Phil R

I would like to say that it is a great job, I think many Christians should study the Bible specially the Septuagint version, because this enrich many people lives and also give a full understanding for God Word. Good blessing you in the name of our Lordjesus Christ now and forever he will be the king. Jorge Xavier R

I suggest a thousand people find this URL. May The Holy One bless you all. Brazil

This is VERY cool. I haven't seen anything like it. It has proven VT-RY useful to me lately in researching the usage of the words ARTOS and AZUMOS. Being able to easily track down these words in the Septuagint has given me much more evidence as to their usage than I had in the New Testament alone. Thanks again for such a wonderful study tool!

Thanks and what a bless for my studies.

thank you for such a valuable resource for such an invaluable price. God bless you.

Hey, Im a young Bible college student in New Zealand, and I learned Greek last year, doing exegetical papers in greek this year. Someone else mention this site to me yesterday because I just got a computer, so I had a look. I already own a Septuagint and an interlinear NT, but I was really stoked to be able to get them on my computer, esp the interlinear L)a and the dictionary, as my lexicon only really has NT words. A few of niv friends are learning greek this year, so they got it as well. Some questions.... who are you? V~'here are you based? VAat were your principals in translation? (I ask this be- cause I noticed a few words translated differently to what is more common, e.g. Immerse in Mark 1:4). Im guesssing that it's called the Apostolic Bible because it was all in Greek for the apostolic church, but what does 'Ployglot' mean? Regardless, thanks heaps! I'm sure Greek students will find it really helpful, both to expose them to lots of Greek (interlinear encourages more reading practice), and to expose them to a wider range of Greek literature than offered in the NT. A young brother in Christ.

What a wonderful resource!

I absolutely love the Apostolic Bible. I am an avid student of Koine Greek and prefer the Modern Greek pronunciation. Dr.Kenneth WR

Great project!!! I'm glad that someone is doing this.

I have to tell you that I really love the the text of the Psalms that I downloaded! It is excellant in quality and the Greek text is renderecl in a very pleasant font to read. I am looking forward to acquiring the printed text!! Thank you!

I like the PDF dowloads. For the printed version of the Bible, might you consider including the same information packaged with the book on CD or DVD? I like having an actual book to carry places where I cannot access the internet or my computer, but also appreciate being able to copy/paste pericopes (from CD/DVD) to print out in larger type for closer scrutiny and note-making without permanently marking up the hardeopy Bible. Thank you for all ofyour efforts. May you be blessed!

Thanks for this wonderful resource!

excelente sitio. espero que sigan poniendo materiales para beneficio de quienes amamos la Palabra de Dios. Muchas gracias por todo.

As a Greek Orthodox Christian, I appreciate this work. It is interesting to see the connection between the LXX and New Testament.

Be, for the glory of God. And, thank you for being here.

I did already e-mail one comment, but will go ahead and give it here too. I think the way this project is going it is beautifully layed out and so far from what I've seen is quite excellent. But of course, there is a critic in every crowd, and I think you would do well to put in at the very least an appendix to this body of work with the Deuterocanonicals. I would love to see a Greek linear to these. I checked out the link provided in regards to this and found that I will have a lot of studying to do before I can actually begin to understand it, but still glad that it is provided. Peace be with you. Carla

A word of encouragement for this major project. My heartfelt thanks for your generosity in making the Downloads available. I ap preciate all the work and the burden that this work implies. It always seems to be un-ending. Financially, I have no resources. Cannot promise but if opportunity pesents itself will purchase a copy when everything is completed. Many thanks.

Thank you for making your work available via download. I definately want a hard copy as soon as they are available. As you well know, there are different viewpoints as to what constitutes "Apostolic". I would like to know how you define Apostolic. Please re spond and answer the following question. How do I get to heaven?

I consider it a great too] for deep learning the Word of God. Oscar B Costa Rica

I've been waiting for a long time for this. I am very excited that I will finally be able to get my hands on a print version of your very useful translation. Scott

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The Lxx is very famous Greek translation of the OT, i am very happy that http//septuagint—interlinear-greek-bible.com aranged the greek bible on the website. May God bless all staff. Rev. hanif S Pakistan

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Your work is a wonderful addition to the traditional NT interlinears. It's great to finally have the OT available as well. Thank you. Jerry B

Thank you for the Apostolic Bible Polyglot. The word-for-word translation for me delivers God's word much more powefully than modern translations. The language provides visual images instead of abstract concepts. George R

I like the idea that you use the modern Greek pronunciation. I have many Greek friends, and the Erasmian system is quite amusing to them I have studied Koine Greek using the Mounce textbooks; good for the technical aspects, useless for pronunciation. I look forward to using Your resource! Roger W

Yours is an invaluable service. Surely, your reward must be in Heaven. God bless you! Olatunde A

I just wanted to tell you that my parents bought me the printed edition of the Apostolic Bible for Christmas, and I love it!! You have truly done a great job with this, and I hope that it becomes a well known tool for others to use, and for it all to be for the glory of Christ! I have owned the computer edition for some time now, and I have enjoyed it. I think that having both is a great blessing. I like to just sit down on a chair that is not right next to the computer and open a book,. Thanks again for all of the effort that you have put into this very complex bible that has most of my study needs rightt in hand!! God bless. Jason

a priest on internet told me that this is the only true bible, i respect true bible although am not christian. Ammar United Arab Emirates

A BIG THANK YOU for what you offer us all FREELY! Please keep us updated! Courage in contiuning to follow your apostolic mission! Silvan G Romania

You have a fabulous resource here. Robert B United Kingdom

the inter-linear pdf documents are invaluable! Thank you!!! Gino DiS

In any case, I wish to offer you the most sincere commendation on a work that few individuals have performed in 2000 years. St. Jerome is one of the few whose company you join in that regard. Your translation would have exhausted a team of well-paid scholars, and certainly it is amazing that a single person could get so much done. My hope is that you continue in your work, and that it reaches around the world as not only a valuable exegetical resource but also as an inspiration to future generations of translators and students. You have done a wonderful thing, which is of lastiiig value, and may God smile upon you. Roger T

This is epic inspiring!!! Bradley U

Great job, thank you for helping me preach the true gospel as it was intended to say. Pastor Randall

Superbly done!!! Great work!!! Randy

This is an amazing site; I reference it constantly. I would like to make a donation but am not sure how to go about it. Thanks and blessings, Andy D

Charles, what you are doing with regards to translating, the Septuagint into modern English, utilizing rare ancient sources, is absolutely remarkable and commendable - and it fills a real gap in studying and interpreting Scripture, God's precious Word given to us so long ago.

Professor Van der Pool, Thank you for your exchange my copy for a new one. I will mail it tomorrow with this e-mail/receipt. Also, thank you for the many, many prayerful and diligent hours you have evidently put into this huge - and essential - endeavor. i pray it will find widespread use throughout the Church. Though I have used a Greek New Testament for some time, I have not used the Septuagint much, preferring to use the Hebrew text of the Tanach. However, i have particularly found your interlinear Septuagint wonderfully refreshing to use in just the few short days i have had The Apostolic Bible. Thank you again for your work and labor of love in giving us The Apostolic Bible. Again, yours in Christ. Robert T

Thank you for your reply. Naturally after I sent the email to you I discovered that you had already posted the correction on your site. Just wanted to let you know, that I greatly appreciate your work. The Apostolic Bible is a great addition to my library and I use it daily in my personal Bible study as well as in studying for sermons and/or lessons. Being a Pastor/Teacher, I have studied the Greek and Hebrew over the years to ensure accuracy in my sermons and lessons. Your work has added a tremendous new too] to my life and ministry. May God richly bless you as you have allowed Him to bless others through you and your work. Thank you, Rick G. G

Praise God for the willingness that you have to make His Word available online for free! Nishanth India

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You Rock Charles! I tell people all the time about the polyglot, the lord bless you financialy, so you may be even more generous, to the glory of His name! shalom. Michael

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Grazie. Rimantas Lithuania

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Thankyou. I really like the Grammar software you produced. I may be teaching NT Greek to high school students at Big Valley Christian High this next year and I will definitely utilize this resource. You know, if I may suggest, there are really no Beginner Greek software programs out there that utilize the modern Greek pronunciation this may be a great endeavor for someone like yourself. Blessings. Kenny

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